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Now I know that they were a grunge rock band or whatever, but they brought real rock and roll back after the '80's almost killed it. Kurt Cobain was one of those rare super talents that saved music as far as i'm concerned.

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Nah, he was already heads and shoulders above the rest. I'm not a fan of Nirvana or grunge (although I was at the time), but Nirvana was really the only band of that genre that had any cred.

I completely agree with you, although... I do believe the 80's not only killed, but maimed and mutilated music and still continues to today. I think that Nirvana had it all, all of what it took to be a classic rock band, and when I was young I did consider them of the genre. None the less an amazing band. Listening to them right now, in fact.
I can't say I agree with you about 80's music, there were some great bands that came out in the 80's, I'm 43 and a child of the 80's (can I say "80's" anymore?), so I might be somewhat biased. Nirvana & "Nevermind" will always be great and they changed the face of music in the 90's, it's just not classic rock IMHO.
Well I was talking about the 80's mainstream (That so called "metal" crap.). The thing I hate most is that its all coming back. Argh. But yeah there were many great artist, they just werent so big-- or they were big for the wrong reasons.
Oh come on!!! There were a lot of great musicians in the 80s and many good songs. I like Nirvana,but they aren't in the classic rock category
And, no I probably wouldnt put Nirvana in the genre today, but somewhere out there he fits in with Hendrix and Morrison
Seattle sound rocks. Yeah, but i don't think that you could put Nirvana on the same line with Doors or others. Let's just be serious.
Nirvana changed the way people listen to music. Tom Petty once said that he was influenced by Kurt, and he started 20 years before Nirvana came out. So I think that you could very well put them up there with those guys. Let's just be serious.
No. Nirvana is one of my fav bands too, but i think it's just wrong to say "oh, they were classics", they were "something else" it's true, but not that much either.
the best classic rock isnt just ONE band(or person),it can be many because everyone has there one favorite,mine is "the doors",i dig many many bands but mr. mojo risin and his band will always be my favorite and that is concrete.if you feel as deep for your fav classic as i do mine than they are for sure the very best classic rock out there. nice,
I totally agree with everything you are saying, ecspecially about Mr. Mojo Risin' and The Doors, they are also my all-time favorite band. I just believe that Nirvana can be considered classic rock simply because they where bar none the best band since the '60s and '70s rock surge. Like I said before they saved rock n' roll and that should make them a classic rock band.
I don't know about it being classic rock only because it sounds like it could have been written today~
Either way they are some of the best rockers EVER~


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