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1: Baby Come on Home - Coda (1993 complete studioes recording version)
This album gets very little credit - but the 1993 version of this album added in 4 extra songs to this album, one of which is truly a classic, but never really gets any love. Robert Plant at his emotional raw best.

2: Tea for One - Presence
Another album that is often ignored by fans, Presence, has a great hidden gem in 'Tea for One'. Jimmy Page just oozes bluesy passion with his masterwork that dominates this song. Dealing with the band's homesickness, this was made shortly before Bonham's death and so sadly this song was never played live.

3: Thankyou (live) - Live at BBC
Already a great song, this live version is perhaps the best version of this song. What makes it so great in particular is an excellent guitar solo by Jimmy in the middle of it. Really changes the song up - and some might say should have been in the original version.

4: I'm Gonna Crawl - In Through the Outdoor
This song is so sexy and powerful. You can really sense Robert Plant's emotion behind this - John Bonham proclaims its his best performance ever. Play this to any woman, and she will be putty in your hands. This song also was never played live by Led Zeppelin.

5: The Ocean - Houses of the Holy
This song is probably my personal favorite non-mainstream Led Zeppelin song, thats also on my favorite album. This song just plain rocks. And the 'do-wop' style bridge in this song is probably one of the best bridges in any song ever (John Paul Jones and John Bonham sing too - they only time on any zep album). Period. Go listen and marvel at the musical genius behind this song.

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Oh so many underrated Zeppelin songs, so little time.

1. Your Time is Gonna Come- Led Zeppelin I
A nice little ballad about a woman who treats her her man quite badly and the man who tells her she'll get her come-uppance-easily the most underrated song on their debut album IMHO. Great keyboard work from JP Jones.

2. Hey Hey What Can I Do?- B-Side of Immigrant Song Single
A previously unreleased track from the III sessions which made it on to the B-Side of the Japanese single of Immigrant Song.
A 'softer' one from the early days of Zeppelin. Robert sings of his love for a prostitute, which is rather sweet in its own way. Another cool acoustic number from the metal gods. I like the way the song ends with the guitar trailing out in an open ended ending kinda way.

3. Out on the Tiles- Led Zeppelin III
A happy lil ditty that doesn't get the credit it deserves, the intro for the song was often used as the intro for Black Dog live. Robert sings of a nice, happy time. My fave on my list of underrated Zep classics.

4. Four Sticks- The Fourth Album
I consider this to be the "lost track" on this album. This song rawks! And the title refers to John Bonham played the song using 4 drum sticks. It rumbles along quite nicely. Very powerful vocals from Robert, as per usual. Nestled nicely between a great jam in Misty Mountain Hop and the beautiful ballad Going to California. It fits in perfectly with the "theme" of the Fourth Album which mixes ballads and rockers perfectly.

5. Stairway to Heaven! Ha! just kidding :)

The real #5. Nobody's Fault But Mine- Presence
An amazing rawker from Zep. Great guitar work from Jimmy (one of my fave solos) and one of the rare times we get to hear Robert play harmonica, which he plays quite well. I especially enjoy Robert's vocal mimic-ing of Jimmy's guitar riff. And as always superb power drumming from Bonzo. Just a side note, Jimmy Page has stated that Presence is his personal favorite Zep album.
I have to go with Thank you.The radio stations play the same old songs all the time.I do agree that Coda and Presence just don't get the recginition they deserve.
I was just listening to "Tea for One" the other day . Even though it is a very long tune ( typical of Zep!), Pages masterful work is another example of his great talent ! The song has such a sexy , grinding blues feel to it . This is Page at some of his most simplistic yet overwhelmingly convincing style !!
"I'm Gonna Crawl" is another fine example of the bands talent in that genre. It has the Jones keyboard creating the main feel , until the entire band screams .. "Every little bit !". That is power !!! Once again , Page adds a great embellishment in the middle too .
Tea ... is a song that you would only give an occasional listen to for a particular mood , because it can have a tendency to get a little monotonous . That said , the band is really in top form here ! Nobody mixed blues/rock like Jimmy Page , in writing and recording craftsmanship, ... period !!
I rediscovered "I'm gonna crawl", when listening to the Led Zeppelin 24/7 channel on Sirius. Unfortunately, Led's reign on that channel only lasted through Dec. 31, 2008. ... Yeah, I no longer listen to that channel - a.k.a. - "the bridge"

Anyway, "I'm gonna crawl" is a really good song, as well as "The Rain Song."
baby come on home... has got me through some really tough times... so yeah ppl need to give it more love...
For me "Baby I'm gonna leave you" is underrated. This song is the original power ballad, and influenced everyone the came after. A Zepplin song you will never hear on the radio is "black country woman". It's a simple song that I just love. It wasn't even put on the Led Zepplin box set.
Boogie With Stu, is a fun tune. Same with Down By the Seaside.
1. Bron Yr Aur

2. Friends

3. youre time is gonna come

4. black mountain

5. in the light.
The Crunge - I love the bass. Listen to it.
The Rain Song - beautiful melody.
Wearing and Tearing - just really cool.
I'm watching "Lord of the Rings" and I wish "Ramble on", "The battle of evermore" and "Misty mountain hop" was part of the soundtrack. Robert Plant was such a Tolkien freak.
I think as a whole, Presence is an under rated album.
I concur, and Jimmy has said it's his personal fave!


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