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Hello everyone!

I am a long time Led Zeppelin fan, Queen fan, pink floyd fan... you get the

I've been reading here a lot but hadnt had the time or occasion to post. 

Recently my son has discovered that Led Zeppelin is now COOL

so he asked me to get him some shirts

not a very easy thing to do in this town (we are in Eastern Canada for 6 months)in terms of going into a physical store

so I took to the internet. 

After a lot of searching (i am a stingy bastard)

I found this place

they have a decent amount of Led Zeppelin shirts and other merchandise and its all licensed 

The thing that impressed me the most was that the prices are really low and the shipping is under $6

Since he and I are not the same size, I wont feel so bad about ordering all this stuff if next month he is onto something different


can anyone else share a gem place like this for cheap band stuff for the kids?

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