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 Dear Rich,  I would like to know if you could add a YES Fan Group.  I know they are a progressive rock band and probly not classified as totally Classic Rock but they are from that era and their most popular songs are played on Classic Rock stations at least in the LA area.  Also is it possible to belong to more than 1 Fan Group?  Thanks for your time!

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You can belong to as many as you want Shirley.  Also, a fan of Yes and would be interested in joining a  Yes fan group here on CRN.  

Hey! Would you feel like running it? I can add it, but not many people seem to be that interested in them. And yep, you can join as many as you want!

 Great!...let me know how to run it..before I went to the Yes concert I wasn't a big fan of theirs (my husband was tho) but after seeing them I am!..we both loved it!

thx shirley for running the group.  I was a fan before I saw them in concert.. I saw them in the 90's and really enjoyed the concert.  I am surprised people are not interested in them.  I say give "yes" a chance.. 

Count me in as a Yes fan member ! Awesome band !

That's great!  We took a few pictures at the Yes concert on July 13th but I don't know how to upload (or is it download?) them!  If anyone out there has pictures feel free to share them!!  Thanx..Shirley

let me know when you start the group - i want to see your pics.. sorry i dont have any pics to share.. 

 I agree!  I'm surprised there isn't a Bruce Springsteen Fan Group!!  He is loved by so many people and his music is Classic Rock for sure!!

Springsteen is amazing in concert. Some great bands out there worthy of fan groups. There could be an argument for every band out there. I am sure a lot of work to maintain all the fan groups here on CRN.

Yes -- in virtually all its incarnations -- is one of my favorite bands. Count me in!



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