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Just a question. I was banned, I e-mailed the webmasters and asked for a reason but they did not answer. The only thing I can think of is that I do not agree with drugs or guns. A lot of people on that site let me know what they thought of me, one even called me a troll (I have no idea what a troll is. Has anybody else been through the same experience with

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I got banned... but probably because i mentioned this site too much on there ;)

They didn't have the decency to say why they banned me, but I must have done something really bad, as the site advocates members saying that they would shoot people dead, and the "F" word is commonplace.I just hope that this site will be different, it seems brilliant to me. When you make a comment on this site, people either answer it properly or just leave it, on that site they tell you to, call you names and any other abuse that they can hurl at you. The annoying thing is that it is the same people all the time and they seem to be above recrimination. Surely this is wrong, these sites are supposed to be for sensible discussions aren't they?. Please keep this site as it is.  Joe, a music fan from sunny Liverpool (at the moment)

No, I have seen the site and sorry to hear you were banned.. Doesn't make any sense to me. I think you should have gotten an explanation. 

karen(karlee) just browse through it for an hour or so. You will not believe the way some of the members talk about the threads, they EFF and blind, if they disagree with any topic, they just don't say well I don't agree, they will slag ofF the person and the topic unmercifully, all apparently with the blessing of the webmasters, a few of them are far worse than the others. One of their members (they know who they are) has posted over 2,500 of his opinions, mostly abusive and offensive. He was still a member when I was banned though God knows how, as he comes across as an obnoxious, odious person. As I say have a look around the website and just look at the comments that go unpunished by the administrators. By the way I even got my wife to e-mail the webmaster to see if she could find out why I was banned. The message was sent, but they didn't even have the decency to answer her question either. Have a look and then STEER CLEAR !!!

I browsed a few weeks ago and was not impressed..  Well sometimes abusive, offensive and obnoxious seems to bend the ear of the right people. Maybe they did you a favor.. 

I bet I know the real reason you were banned!

Please tell,Sam the webmaster at, wouldn't tell me or my wife.

Sorry you still haven't gotten a response Joe. They should have responded to your wife's email.  It is rude and sounds like typical behavior on that site.

Thanks Joe for the heads up about that site. I haven't go on it but I have on others over the years. After awhile you will find that most sites have a few dozen or so regulars who post anything they want, will put down new comers with a passion, think they are total experts on the matter and your opinion and comments are either a invasion, a threat or they make you feel like you don't know jack. "Listen dude I have 3,000 posts you better respect me". Believe me I know the type(s) very soon as profanity or personal attacks is laced out I simply move on. People are creatures of habit and unfortunately it has spread across the web too.


Maybe Rich should start a "Fan" page just for people who want to cuss each other out!

Must be a guy thing.. ;)


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