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Hey you guys.  I'm bored and I've always wanted to create a forum discussion so here we go.  Please, humor me on my discussion choice.

I'm curious..  do you listen to anything other than classic rock?  

Is it it even older than classic it embarrassing?

Let's see...what are my "playlist confessions"..

I've professed my love for The Doors, but I also enjoy

-The Smiths

-Iggy Pop

-Luna (late '80s early '90s)

-Galaxie 500 (same)

-David Bowie

-I'm really into the music from Rocky Horror Picture Show

-Maps & Atlases ( sound.  You'll either love or hate them.  Check them out!!  My Dad's a classic rock fan-Hates them.  My brother's a classic rock fan-loves)

-Frank Ocean (Don't kill me...!!!)

-Norah Jones (Come on, I'd kill to have that sultry voice)

-And, I'm a musical theatre freak.  There, there I said it!  Haha.

 I can't help it, I'm a theatre kid.  I act, I sing, I dance.  The whole bit.  Shoot me.  But before you do that tell me bellow what else you listen to..and don't be afraid:)  


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Thanks for your reply! Same to Amstell13! Yah..I thought this might be sort of a fun discussion topic. So far none of you guys have much to be embarrassed about,..if anything. I'm hoping someone will do the walk of shame for us all:)

You can't beat a bit of 80's michael jackson if you ask me! ;)

I have to agree with You there Amstel.

Haha, true;)

Fun stuff to listen too.  I totally get Amstel's point, but Michael Jackson's quite the performer, even if he lacks in ability!

Disco. I was a huge BeeGees fan. There, I said it.

Oooh!  Oooh!  Me too(:  How did I forget to mention that?

It's okay; no shame:)

taylor you're cracking me up. Okay, can I embarass myself even further? oh yes I can! Love, love, love the SMOOTH 70's: Olivia Newton John (Have you ever been mello?). Or this one: Midnight at the Oasis- send that camel to bed!

Hahaha(: thank you for your confessions Kim!

I love today`s indie bands.... especially Artic monkeys, Bloc party, Franz ferdinand, among other ones, i like Ravi shankar also...

I have always been a huge fan of disco ... Donna Summers has always been a favourite as well as the Bee Gees. 

I've always thought the '80s was an outstanding decade for pop music - much of it of the electro variety, often heavily influenced by Kraftwerk. The Human League, ABC, Gary Numan,  Depeche Mode and many others kept the hits coming, ably assisted by some brilliant producers, such as Trevor Horn. There.......I feel much better now I've got that off my chest.

If somebody mentioned they listen to Lady Gag...I think I would of jumped out the window!..guilty pleasures for me..I have been known to listen to stuff from the 40's..Glenn Miller, Vera Lynn, Bing Crosby, Andrew Sisters and Artie Shaw from time to time, as I have been working on a WWII tribute room for awhile.



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