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Hey you guys.  I'm bored and I've always wanted to create a forum discussion so here we go.  Please, humor me on my discussion choice.

I'm curious..  do you listen to anything other than classic rock?  

Is it it even older than classic it embarrassing?

Let's see...what are my "playlist confessions"..

I've professed my love for The Doors, but I also enjoy

-The Smiths

-Iggy Pop

-Luna (late '80s early '90s)

-Galaxie 500 (same)

-David Bowie

-I'm really into the music from Rocky Horror Picture Show

-Maps & Atlases ( sound.  You'll either love or hate them.  Check them out!!  My Dad's a classic rock fan-Hates them.  My brother's a classic rock fan-loves)

-Frank Ocean (Don't kill me...!!!)

-Norah Jones (Come on, I'd kill to have that sultry voice)

-And, I'm a musical theatre freak.  There, there I said it!  Haha.

 I can't help it, I'm a theatre kid.  I act, I sing, I dance.  The whole bit.  Shoot me.  But before you do that tell me bellow what else you listen to..and don't be afraid:)  


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I almost watched it tonight. 

I watched part of "Sister Wives" but can't believe that guy can afford 4 wives and the kids he has too!  Tues nite the "Little Couple" is on again and I can't wait because they are such a cute couple and recently adopted a boy from China.

The only artist that I dig these days is the sexy & the beautiful Taylor Swift because she's a great singer, songwriter, musician, performer with great legs as well. 

Well, the bulk of my music is obviously classic rock. (Of course, back then it was just 'rock')

The music you cut your teeth on will always be what you like most.

I've learned through the years that it's just plain foolish to listen to one kind of music and declaring everything else sucks.

Equally foolish is declaring there's no good music out there today. There is always good music, if you're willing to do the legwork and give different things an honest listen. Not 45 seconds and "This sucks"

One that really makes me scratch my head is "It doesn't sound like what I like". If your criteria is new music must sound like what you already like, then all your music will sound exactly alike. That would get old pretty quick.

That being said, I have my lifelong favorites, and yes, they are mostly the bands I grew up with. But I also have favorite newer bands right there rubbing shoulders with my old standbys. There's always room for more music.

For all my Aero, Coop, SRV, & Boss, I also have Shinedown, Haim, Glenn Miller & Dinah Washington. (you can go backwards for 'new music' just as easily as you can go forward)

I don't try to convince anyone else to like it. If I like it, it's good music. Genre doesn't matter.

If you're open minded, music will always be a source of joy for you.


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