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The Eagles Live On The BBC- 1973


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Led Zeppelin-That's Alright New York

MSG February 12, 1975


Hear It Here!!

Considered to be the best sounding recording from this tour!!

Hear it Here!!

The Beatles- Untouched

( The real Let It Be-Naked)

enjoying Barry.. Have a great day tomorrow :)

Deep Purple 
ABC-TV In Concert  

01. Strange Kind Of Woman 
02. Smoke On The Water 
03. Space Truckin' 

Hear It Here!!

The James Gang- Live at the Allen Theatre, Cleveland OH 2001-02-25


The Rolling Stones- Brussels Affair '73/ Definitive Edition



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The Rolling Stones- Goats Head Soup Reheated

Get Yer Copy Here!

hey thanks for share.. been sick all day and think some goats head soup is just what doctor ordered.. :) have a great night barry :)

What's heavier than a lead zeppelin? A 32,000 lbs. Heavy Balloon!

Alice Cooper LIVE June 17, 1975 LA Forum on KBFH.

Hear It Here!

Alice Cooper - vocals
Josef Chrowski - keyboards, vocals
Whitey Glan - drums
Steve Hunter - guitar, vocals
Prakash John - bass, vocals
Dick Wagner - guitar, vocals


01. Welcome To My Nightmare 5:45 
02. Years Ago 0:50 
03. No More Mr. Nice Guy 2:02 
04. Years Ago 0:58 
05. Billion Dollar Babies 2:59 
06. Years Ago 1:14 
07. I'm Eighteen 4:25 
08. Years Ago 1:07 
09. Some Folks 5:40 
10. Cold Ethyl 2:49 
11. Only Women Bleed 7:03 
12. Devil's Food 9:28 
13. The Black Widow 3:18 
14. Steven 5:15 
15. Nightmare Reprise 2:58 
16. Escape 3:39 
17. School's Out (W/Escape Reprise) 5:50 
18. Department Of Youth 7:24 
Total time: 72:44

Dick Wagner

Steve Hunter

The Dead Daisies

Dead Daisies features- Jon Stevens(INXS) vocals, Richard Fortus (G'n'R) guitar, David Lowy guitar, Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones) bass, Charlie Drayton (Divinyls) drums, Dizzy Reed (G'n'R) keys!

Photo: WHO THE HELL ARE THE DEAD DAISIES ANYWAY? - Classic Rock Magazine <br / "Given that his CV includes Thin Lizzy, the Psychedelic Furs and Guns N’ Roses, it takes something special to make Richard Fortus animated. But he reckons he may have found it in the Dead Daisies. “The whole concept was basically to play new music for classic rock fans,” explains the songwriter-guitarist, who’s been GN’R’s six-string king since 2001. “And that was very attractive to me, especially when you’re playing with cats like these. It’s a dream band, to be honest. It just doesn’t get any better than this.” - Classic Rock Magazine
Click this link to read the full article:

MARCH 12, 1978 

Hear IT Here!!

Rob Tyner (Dec. 12, 1944 – Sept. 17, 1991)


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