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What has been the best double album ever?
The Wall? Electric Ladyland? Exile On Main St? Physical Graffiti? The White Album?

Vote for your favourite double album.

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that would be your opinion.. ;)

we all have our own opinions.. Sorry you just dont seem to understand.. opinion = fact???   

I am sure the man upstairs has you on speed dial :)

Amstel loves to call it like it is ;) His way or the highway lol

Physical Graffiti is much better than the Wall - have to agree with him there though!


The wall was a concept album. I think you would have to be a die hard Pink Floyd fan to appreciate the album. I didn't appreciate the album until I saw it performed live.. Very theatrical and something I absolutely loved.  And yes, it is epic in my eyes also Bear.. Great discussion here and totally respect the opinions and choices here.. 

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffitti

I love the Beatles, but I have to go with the Wall. I had the honor of working on the album and the first live show at the Sports Center.

Galen, Can only imagine how exciting it was to work on the live Wall show with Pink Floyd. Would love to hear more about it. I am sure everyone here on Classic Rockers Network would also :) 

The Beatles are the Best. But Double LP is Hands Down...The Wall. Pink Floyd

Physical Graffiti would be my 2nd choice as the best double album!  But Wheels of Fire is still my 1st choice!  Partly because Cream only existed for 2 and a half years or so which meant they packed a lot into each album...and because it had both live and studio recordings on it!


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