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These pools are 1-Too large; 2-Unfair to the artists; and 3;Unfair to us in the community.

Ireally think the best idea would be is to break them into breakets(LIKE NCAA March Madness-Only we in the States would understand this comparison.

Instead of one large list of up to 36 or more, ALL worthy of the best in each resprective bowl; break them into equal grops of I E 6. We would vote for the best in each group..Then the winners of each group of six would be paired down to 2 groups of 6... Then we wold have one last group of six left; vote on  that group...This way, we would have a fairer I believe, and more accurate of how the community feels about the artists, on these polls.

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Yeah I have been thinking about doing that for a long time - takes a lot of work to set up though

Just my opinion - I don't think you need separate  brackets for English and American bands.. sounds like a great idea and look forward to the results.. 


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