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Like other classic rock fans, I spend a lot of time listening to classic rock stations - I find that it is not only a great way to listen to the classics, but its also a great way of finding classic rock bands that are less mainstream. For example, I got into The Allman Brothers and Ten Years After after hearing them on a classic rock radio station.

So I decided to start putting together a list of classic rock stations across the USA, so that other classic rock fans can find the best classic rock stations in their area (particularly useful for those have just moved). Please feel free to contribute to this list by commenting below:

Los Angeles:
  • 95.5 KLOS. This is a truly great classic rock radio station in LA. They have some killer classic rock sets, with a great deal of variety, including triple play sets and album sides. In the mornings they also have a classic rock talk show, which is cool.
  • 100.3 The Sound. This is a pretty new classic rock station that also features some newer rock music too. Definitely one of the best purest classic rock stations I have ever heard.

New York City:
  • Q 104.3. Surely the best classic rock in New York, including the Rock N' Roll morning show.

San Francisco:


San Diego:
  • 101 KGB. This a great all-round classic rock station, including a great morning chat show.

Las Vegas:




Feel free to add to this list by commenting below - hopefully we can put together the most comprehensive classic rock radio station list that you can find online...

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WGFG-FM 105.3 in Orangeburg, S.C. It is the only station in the "Georgia-Carolina" region with a locally syndicated show in the mornings.

Classic Rock 94.5 "The ARROW"-Ft. Myers, Fl


Southwest Florida's only Classic Rock station

in the greensboro nc area there is only one station rock 92.3  but here latley they have been playing alot of nirvana and pearl jam and im sorry that aint classic rock! now i like nirvana and pearl jam but just not on a classic rock station~

I spent a lot of time in San Diego, 2010/2011 and listened exclusively to 101 KGB.  It was great!

My local favourite is Q107 Toronto.


Also enjoy our very own member, Doc's internet channel: Classic Hits Radio Canada


When I was living in Europe, (late 60s) Radio Caroline (the original British pirate radio station, just like the movie) and Radio Luxembourg were rockin'! They're both still on the air:

From Vavcouver B.C. Classic Rock 101 (Bro Jake, Hey Everybody it's me the Champ! does mornings)


From Calgary Alberta, the sister station: Q107 FM

Another Toronto station that plays classic rock is Boom 97.3.
They feature 70s 80s and 90s music, so they play a couple things that are outside the realm, but essentially its the right stuff.

They actually have an All 80s Long Weekend event coming up this weekend that I'll be listening to for sure, there was some great releases around that time. More info here:

Cheers, guys.

Here in the Tampa Bay area it's 107.3 The Eagle. I was worries once we moved here into the south it would be biased towards Southern Rock, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I had my concerns. However I was and have been pleasantly surprised by the diversity. If you listen, I hope you enjoy it :) 


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