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In the past many of our Classic Rock heroes have collaborated with some of their heroes.

Just a few examples of what I mean are:

Johnny Winter and Muddy Waters

Keith Richards and Chuck Berry

John Mellencamp and Mitch Ryder

Tom Petty and Roger McGuinn

or even Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes

Who would you love to see work on a project together?

I think I would love to see the Robinson brothers involved with the pending Faces reunion.

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Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson have kicked around the idea of a project for years. Would love to hear that.

would be awesome

Definitely two great talents. I expect that would produce something a little too complex for my simple Rock 'n' Roll self! Maybe a collaboration between YES and ELP! Then you would have some other instruments flexing their muscles too! Good food for thought though.

Eric Clapton & Eddie Van Halen

WOW that would be an interesting pairing. Their styles are so different. Clapton's pairing with Duane had a lasting impact on his playing.

Paul and Ringo with the Mick and Keith

I'd like to see it happen. 

That would be cool if it was maybe just the 4 of them solely. Mick and Keith guitars and Paul and Ringo the rhythm section. But if they did it with a studio band it wouldn't be much I don't believe. Oh and I would want to see some real song writing together, not doing each other's songs and the others merely backing them up. 


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