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Am I the only one that things people are less well mannered at concerts than in the past.  People don't show up when it's scheduled to start, get up 10 or 15 times during the show and in general don't seem to care if they disrupt the performance for the others there.  Two weeks ago I was at a show and some guy brought all of his toddlers, had them stand on the arms of the chairs and made a solid wall no one could see through, over or around.  Even when someone asked him to sit down, he refused.  They are more of a social event than a concert now.  Why go if you don't want to see the act or respect the artist?   Just a rant!!

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So very true. My brother and I was at a festival event and some started throwing beer cans... not empty I might add. I've had seats taken. It's really sad.

It's the same a sporting events too...people just don't have any consideration for anyone else anymore...last baseball game we went to, the guy behind us took off his shoes and put his feet on the back of my wife's chair...then he got all indignant  when I said something to him...we just won't be going to anymore live events!   BTW:  The Pavilion in Charlotte is the worst venue I've ever attended too!  Took TWO hours to get out of the parking lot!!!

I agree and this is really true. The manners of people in concerts today is not that good than before. During concerts, all I see is their Mobile phones trying to record their performance. Most of them don't care about the people on their back. I remember the good old days, when there's a concert here in Panama. Everyone is singing and slamming to the sound of music. 


Gustavo Woltmann

Absolutely. I'd say that people overall are less well-mannered everywhere than in the past...

It's unfortunate but you're spot's gotten to the point that we rarely go to an event anymore...


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