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So, do you think all of the great classic rock bands and artiste's have 'matured' with age and are playing as good now (if not better) as they were when they were younger?  I can't imagine what Hendrix, Morrison, Kossoff or Joplin etc. would be like today if they hadn't have passed away at such a young age. 

One of our more 'mature' rockers, Eric Clapton, is someone who in my mind has, so far, beaten that 'age thing' and would love to see him play.  

So, who's your favourite aged rocker?!  Be honest!! 

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I have seen many Classic Rock performers in the last several years and can honestly say that not ONE was disappointing.  These include:

Rod Stewart - over a dozen times.  His voice has changed somewhat, but, he's a great showman and knows exactly how to alter the arrangements to be just as good as the original and sometimes even better.

Moody Blues.  In my opinion, their voices are just as strong and pure as they ever were and I believe they get better and better with age.

Bob Seger.  He rocked the house like there was no tomorrow and he was 64 at the time.

Scorpions.  They've been around for over 40 years and have just as much energy as ever!  Klaus Meine was in GREAT voice.

Heart.  Ann Wilson's voice is more powerful than ever and her sister Nancy's guitar licks are still amazing.

Def Leppard.  Joe Elliot's voice may not be quite as strong as it once was, but, it's still fine and they put on a helluva show.

Tom Petty;  One of THE best concerts in a 40 year span!!

Crosby, Stills and Nash, (opening for Tom Petty!).  Still great and David Crosby's rendition of "Almost Cut My Hair" garnered a thunderous standing ovation.

Deep Purple;  Ian Gillian still has the chops and the band thrilled us all.  Poor guy was performing with a cast on his leg, too.

Although not a singer, Santana's guitar chops are still going strong.  No arthritis in those fingers, LOL.  Steve Winwood opened for him and was in very good voice.

Well, I guess that sort of answers that question then (yes)!  Lol.  I'm so envious that you've been able to see these bands Debbie, I have wanted to see CSN&Y but have never got the chance - one of these days........ \m/

I'm lucky, for sure!  Toronto is a music mecca.  EVERYBODY wants to play here.  Will be going to see John Kay and Steppenwolf at a Casino further north on May 19.  Can't wait!!  Never had the chance to see them before and John Kay is still fantastic, judging by recent videos. \m/  BTW, John Kay IS my favourite rock musician and musical hero.  (John Lennon too, R.I.P. Never got a chance to see him live.) 


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