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So it's pretty common to hear songs on most "Classic Rock" radio stations play songs that were made popular on MTV! There were a few older artist who were also successful on MTV, but I'm not talking about them. I mean the artist who are directly identified with MTV. Are there any, some or none you would consider "Classic Rock"?


To me maybe some hair bands because I do like a good hair band, but I tend to say NO they are not "Classic Rock".

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Sorry, but I have to say, there are almost none in my book...the ones that made it in MTV were already big (Robert Plant, etc)...

HairBands are awesome, and Grunge with Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc also, but not classic rock..Agreed

This is so much better!!

Where did you read that I said you did!

I just asked a simple question.

I don't like the direction MTV has gone since the 80's.  I would say "No" to MTV. I am not aware of any artists directly identified with MTV which are considered "Classic Rock".  Amstel always looking for a reason to pull the plug.....  ♫♪

I'm sorry but I don't listen to MTV at all, all I remember from when I worked in Dixons was Money For Nothing by Dire Straits being unmercilessly played, probably why it is one of my least favourite Knopfler tracks

Enjoyed watching those videos in the early to mid 80's but I wouldn't label it as "classic rock"..classic MTV ok but not classic rock. But miss those ZZ Top videos for sure.


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