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What are some of your favorite cover songs? Only qualifications are that someone else officially released it first, and your choice is a remake. I bet we all have many. Original song in a video, and remake song in a video, all in the same post would be awesome, so everyone can compare them. Original song doesn't have to be rock, but rock is a must for the remake. Have fun !

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you didnt say it had to be rock. I am going to step outside the classic rock box here.. 

Adele - Rolling in the deep - covered by Linkin Park  ( a favorite of mine)  


War pigs - Black Sabath - covered by Faith no More

Off the classic rock topic, but have you ever seen Faith No More covering "Easy" from The Commodores?

couldn't find a good live one - yeah i have heard them before. 

Turn the page - Bob Seger   Covered by Metallica

sorry you did say it had to be rock - i can delete the adele and linkin  park if you want me to ;)

I can see why people would like this, but Metallica should have left this one alone in my humble opinion.

hehehe Oh, I really like it..  

Leonard Skynard - Simple Man - covered by shinedown

ZZ Top - Just Got Paid - covered by Joe Bonamassa

Wow, Joe knocked this one out of the park ! Great share !


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