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What are some of your favorite cover songs? Only qualifications are that someone else officially released it first, and your choice is a remake. I bet we all have many. Original song in a video, and remake song in a video, all in the same post would be awesome, so everyone can compare them. Original song doesn't have to be rock, but rock is a must for the remake. Have fun !

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Everly Brother's classic Love Hurts by Nazareth

Recorded by several artist The Leaves recorded "Hey Joe" first.

The Music Machine's version is a favorite!

Seams every version the words are different. Love the lyrics in this Tim Rose version.

Band of Joy-featuring Robert Plant & John Bohnam!


Joe Cocker was King of covers in the day...

Alex Chilton and The Box Tops version

Dave Mason wrote Feelin' Alright

The Black Crowes put their spin on it!

black crowes did a fine job here. wow they were looking pretty young here... hard to believe almost 20 years ago.. I think of them as one of the newer bands.. waaaaa i feel like i got one foot in the grave here.. 

I know "new" is relative huh!!

"Ma" was written by Norman Whitfield for The Temptations. It appeared on their album Masterpiece produced by Whitfield in 1973. The same year he produced the album Ma by Rare Earth.

ZZ Top didn't have to cover Sam and Dave but they did!

The Chris Aaron Band featuring Corey Sterling ( formally with The Kenny Wayne Shepard band on Ledbetter Heights CD) on vocals cover Robin Trower's Bridge of Sighs!!


Royal Southern Brotherhood covers The Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter. This is a great hard rocking cover a must hear!!(see!)

How about stevies while ya see your chance taht he wrote & gave to janice and then redid it & it was a big hit after his 10 year exile from music Would taht be considered a cover covering your own lol


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