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Hey Peeps!!! Bear has a question for Yall....

I was wonderin which REO Speedwagon tune makes Your feet stomp, head bang and hands go in the air?

I always loved a tune that was pretty much unknown tune titled "Golden Country"

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Only the strong survive from the 9 lives record. This song kicks ass.

Why don't you say whats really on your mind Amstel. Don't be shy. LOL

Typical Amstel!

favourite UFO song... hmmm!  - Diesel in the dust, the way the wild wind blows, wild willing and the innocent. NO! I am not a fan of Lights out.

In relation to REO - it has to be Don't let him go.

ok amstel. I'll concede. Mother Mary is a great song

Always hard for me to pick a favorite. "Keep Pushin" comes to mind.

BTW. Your comments are what's comical Amstel...

                            "Roll With The Changes" without a doubt but "Keep Pushing" is a good one too Karlee! Of course you have to mention "Ridin' The Storm Out" though I prefer the original studio version with Mike Murphey on vocals! Gary Richrath a very under rated guitarist!

If you Like "157 Riverside Ave." then check out this version from 1971 with original singer Terry Luttrel.

Bear, Had to search for Golden Country.  Couldn't remember the tune.  :P

LOL Amstel...everybody has their own thing, but I always learned, if Ya cant say something at least half-way nice, the just shut the fuck up....

Since the question was your one song from REO Speedwagon that makes your feet stomp, head bang and hands go in the air... I'm sounding off for "Like You Do".  Gary Richrath will always be the right direction that REO should have gone, but when he left... well so did I.  Don't get wrong I still like them, but I still choose classic REO over ballad REO.

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