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There are lots of films that star famous singers but how many can you remember?  Here's a few to start you off ....

Goodbye Mr Lawrence - David Bowie

The Man Who Fell To Earth - David Bowie

This is Spinal Tap - Spinal Tap

Kiss meets the Phantom of the Park = Kiss & Ozzy

Freejack - Mick Jagger

Ned Kelly - Mick Jagger

Bill & Ted's Great Adventure - Alice Cooper

How I Won The War - John Lennon

Tommy - The Who / Elton John / Tina Turner / Eric Clapton

Hearts of Fire - Bob Dylan

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles


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More of a documentary this one tho' Amstell!


Mick Jagger should really not be acting - some terrible films there! ;)

Hi, new here. Is Performance with Mick Jagger listed ?

How about films about rockers ?

I'm thinking about "Still Crazy" featuring Bill Nighy (he plays the minister in the next to last Harry Potter and also in Walkirie).

Anyways, a charming film about rockers on the decline that decides to reform. There is a Syd Barrett undercurrent all along the film.

Also, the is a film called Stoned about the life and especially the death of Brian Jones.


Still Crazy is an awesome film surprisingly touching!!!  :)

Labrynth and Zoolander- David Bowie, Wayne's World- Alice Cooper, Wayne's World 2- Aerosmith, Singles- Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder, Detroit Rock City- Kiss, Idle Hands- the Offspring, Domino- Tom Waits, New Year's Eve- Jon Bon Jovi, the Pick Of Destiny- Tenacious D/ Meatloaf/ Dio, Prozac Nation- Lou Reed, Fight Club- Meatloaf, 

Oh, have you thought about The Rutles film All You Need Is Cash I think it is called - crazy & funny at the same time.

And (drum roll) Almost Famous - one of the best films about rock & roll that I ever saw.

I especially like the part where the young boy takes a luggage under his sister's bed and takes out

all the albums and touches them. Classic rock it is. But the best is when he finds a note from his sister in The Who's Tommy gatefold and reads it : Light a candle, listen to Tommy and you wll see your future...

He does...while playing Sparkles from Tommy. Awesome scene while the record revolves and you see the young boy...

Like him, I used to read - no devour - Creem magazine - so I can relate to most of what's happening in this film.

And the recent Runaways film about - who else - The Runaways. I really like the part in the trailer when Kim Foley gives them a speech about the purpose of rock & roll. If he said it that way - he was right !


Trick Or Treat - Gene Simmons & Ozzy Ozbourne

Great subject here..came up with a few more.


David Essex & Ringo Starr - Stardust

Jon Bon Jovi - U-571

Paul Simon - One Trick Pony

Art Garfunkel - Carnal Knowledge/Catch-22

Joan Jett - Light of Day


...Just a couple of corrections...Ozzy wasn't in Kiss Meets the Phantom and Alice Cooper wasn't in Bill and Ted's Great Adventure...

Ooop's sorry there peep's!  It was Wayne's World that Alice made an appearance (allway's get mixed up with those two movies)

...Alice has been in other movies as well...Roadie, which also starred Meatloaf...Monster Dog, Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Prince of Darkness, and a few others...


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