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Hi there! We thrive on feedback and suggestions to help improve Classic Rockers Network for you and everyone else. Therefore, we would love to hear your thoughts!

In particular, what would make you use Classic Rockers Network more often? Is there anything on it that is lacking? Or is there is a particular new feature or idea that you would like added? Maybe a wish list of new features? Or if you could only change one thing, what would it be? Just some ideas to help you help us...

Please post your ideas and suggestions below. We appreciate it!

Keep on rockin'

Rich Page, founder of Classic Rockers Network

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Great ideas! Thanks... I am going to send a monthly newsletter later I think, with the top content of the month, and mention to come back if we haven't seen you in a while. no easy way to automate the 90 email though - i wish there was!

Good idea - yeah I will get around to changing that soon.

The problem with having a music player on the home page is... to amstell's point... you can't please everybody. I've gotten to where I avoid the home page simply because I don't want to have to deal with the player, period.  

My vote would be to turn off autoplay. I've usually got other music playing in the background by the time I get here anyway. For example... right now I've got RUSH - Moving Pictures in the background. And I scrolled to your player and muted it before it ever kicked in. It's more of a PITA for me.


Yeah thats a tough one - fine balance between getting new visitors people engaged and excited about classic rock and playing music auto, and annoying the regulars with it. Maybe if you send me a good playlist that won't be so annoying, but will still appeal to many?

I think if you had a bigger playlist in the player it wouldn't be so bad.


With only 10 it gets way too much repeat.


Here's a pretty good list to choose from

"Rush".... now i have to change my rotation  ;)

AC/DC needs a group.

Finally updated the playlist on the homepage! 15 songs now too.

Just a simple Idea:

let us log into the site with our Google account.  :) 

Hey Rich, I used to think I was the only one that saved their old ticket stubs, man was I wrong!! Might take up a little space.... but if the room is there, a section dedicated to images of those old stubs might be something that folks here contribute to.


And a section for links to sites that contain classic rock info. I'll start..............

A site I have been watching grow for the last few years and contains some great history info and pix. It's amazing how many bands got their start in the Pacific Northwest.

Hi Rich!  I have been collecting reward points but have noticed that the value of the gift cards are only in dollars ($), and there are none in pounds sterling (£).  I'm wondering if it might be worth adding some other form of gift as we're getting to be a very multi-cultural site and will be hard to include all currencies!  \m/

I still vote for turning off autoplay on the home page music player. It's annoying to me having to scroll it down to stop it when I land on the home page.

I should add that's not necessarily directed at ClassicRockersNetwork. I find audio autoplay on any website annoying and intrusive.  At least on yours you can stop it. I've landed on many pages that don't give you that option. I don't end up staying very long.


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