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Yup, you read that right. Jim Morrison was the greatest frontman of all-time.

Now, before all of Beatle-mania and the Kiss Army (or which ever band your loyalty lies) gets all worked up, just hear me out.

Jim Morrison meant more to his band than any other musician. The Beatles had Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr to go along with their great frontman, John Lennon. All of which had very succesful solo careers. Meaning they probably would have made it big with or without Lennon.

You could really say the same for Jimmy Page and Robert Plant (either one could be considered their frontman) with Led Zeppelin. Hell, Jon Bonham may be the greatest drummer of all-time. John-Paul Jones may also be the best bassist to ever strap on a bass. Both the Beatles and Led Zeppelin's other members are just as famous and meant as much to their respective bands as their leaders.

The Who also had more than just their frontman to take them to that next level of greatness. Pete Townsand (guitarist), Roger Daltery (lead singer) and Keith Moon (drums) are all considered rock n' roll gods. They were all one of the best at what they did. John Entwistle was even a great bassist in his own right.

That brings us to the Rolling Stones. Although one could make an argument for Mick Jagger, he had Keith Richards. Keith became just as big of a star as Mick. Some may even say Keith is the more famous of the two. I, personally, believe that Mick is the heart and soul of the Stones. But that's a debate for another day.

Now, this is by no means trying to put down the rest of the Doors members. Ray Manzerek played an unbelievably good keyboard. Robbie Krieger was an excellent guitarist and song writer (he wrote 'Light My Fire' to go along with many others). John Densmore's skills on the drums are as good as anybody's in rock. But Morrison brought this karisma that the rest of the band needed to become great.

When Jim was on that stage everyone's eyes were glued to him. You didn't want to miss what the karismatic, out-of-his-mind Morrison was going to do next. All the big celebrities of the time, musicians to artists to movie-stars to writers, wanted to party with the Lizard King. People just seemed to gravitate towards Jim. He was a smart, funny, good-looking guy. He had that 'I don't give a fuck' attitude mixed with a very caring heart, for the people close to him, that made women want him and men want to be him.

I haven't even mentioned what made him so great in the first place: his song and poetry writing. Jim's words spoke to people and really made you think in ways you never did before. He touched on love, death, war and everything in between. He could touch your heart and make you think of your true-love with a song like 'Moonlight Drive'. Then make you think about tragedy and war with 'Unknown Soldier' and 'Peace Frog'. Next thing you know you're singing along with a song that can be interpritated in so many different ways like 'The End'.

Mr. Mojo Risin' lifted the Doors to heights they never would have accomplished with out him. All the great rock n' roll bands throughout the years have had a Batman and Robin. Hell, even Aerosmith had Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. But when it comes to the Doors most people can't even name another member of the band. I know most of you on this site can, but I'm talking about the general public, your average run of the mill fan.

I know a lot of you have your own opinions and I'd love to hear them all. But this is what I think. So tell me, my fellow classic rock nuts, who's your favorite frontman?

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They didn't even have a band name, they were just Elvis. Just because you went looked up their names doesn't mean Elvis wasn't a solo act. Stop trying to act smart when you clearly aren't. Can you comprehend that?
Aahahahahahaha i look like a girl? Well that shows how bright you are, you haven't made one good point yet so you make fun of what i look like. Pretty juvenile, but why am I not surprised with you? You're some ugly bastard huh? Thats why you don't put up a pic of yourself? Thats too bad, dumb and ugly is a tough combo. You're such a jackass!! I couldn't wait to hear everyone's opinion, then Captain Dip Shit chimes in. Get a life and go bother someone else. I read that discusion you started, those four senteces were riveting, must've took you all day. Good job buddy!!! Seriously, leave me alone
How can you shit on how fucked up Morrison was on stage then say Elvis is the best? He was the same way, he was a joke for his last ten years. Do you even think before you speak? Obv not, you're the first person I've seen try to shit on someone's spelling, then spells the word wrong himself.

Alright guys, play nice. No more arguing about this! :)

How can you love the Doors but call their main song writer overrated and shit all over him? Thats the biggest contradiction I've ever heard. If they were so good without Morrison why didn't they still thrive without him?
Um Morrison was their MAIN SONG writer. I never said he wtote the music behind it. And shitting on clearly the most important member, leader and th guy who did indeed write 90% of their songs then saying I love that band is a contradiction. Get a dictionary. Plus, the Doors last two albums (LA Woman and Morrison Hotel) maybe their best, if he didn't die what makes you think he wouldn't still be the man? He showed he obv still had it.
Elvis was the same way, fat and a joke. Are you even reading what you're putting on here? You can't shit on one guy and then defend another guy who went down the same path.

I'm not a huge Doors fan, but Jim Morrison is alright in my opinion. I don't know who I would call the greatest frontman though, I'd have to think about it.  

I might have to say Iggy Pop. I've always liked his singing and he had no regard for his own safety when he was on stage haha. From jumping in the crowd and smearing peanut butter across his body, cutting himself with broken glass, to getting beat up by Hells Angels members because they were throwing bottles at him (Listen to the 'Metallic K.O.' bootleg that i posted, it was The Stooges last show until the 2000's. Throughout the entire show, the crowd boos and throws beer bottles and curses at the band while Iggy taunts back at them while they do it. You can hear the bottles smashing in the recording. At the end, a Hells Angels member taunts Iggy to come down, so Iggy jumps off of the stage and moves through the crowd to the guy, where several bikers proceed to beat Iggy. I don't think that can be heard on the recording that i posted though.) he was the real deal.

Iggy is def a great pick
Thanks Mike, I enjoyed reading your article. I disagree with you Amstell, Morrison had a great voice. Singing or speaking, I can listen to it for hours. He was a very unhappy man with a lot of problems, but never a joke. Greatest frontman, I agree, but it was The Doors, never Jim Morrison and The Doors

YESSS!!! JDM is the best front man...when he's not too plastered to perform

He was a natural~


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