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So I recently saw The WHO on the "Quadrophenia" Tour and was wondering since everyone is wanting to see Led Zeppelin Tour! Would you still be excited if they were doing a "In Through The Out Door" Tour?

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I am a huge fan. I would be happy to see them perform anything live. I am just not sure how strong Plant's voice will be because of his age..  I have a lot of respect for them and look forward to the show..

I agree!

Yes I agree as well that's the reasoning behind the question. What if they chose to do the In/Out album due to Robert's voice. Since that record's vocals are much more subdued than prior releases.Although everyone would still want to see them would it be a let down?

I hate to sound negative here but I have to be honest. I think I would be let down regardless. I just read that he was a long time smoker also. ( cigarettes ) I am sure that had some affect on his voice also.  Great post Barry.  Would love to see some other input on your post ;)

Yeah you know he had trouble touring in the 70s, I think it was 75 when it was real bad! or 73 dunno?

Its a shame he didn't take better care of himself.  I am sure he has many regrets now. Been reading that many people noticed the changes in his voice when he toured.. I never saw them live..  

Your opinion is all that matters right?? 

Oh, I never said it didn't. You assume that is how i feel and that is not the case. I know how much they partied and Plant smoked also. I am a huge fan of Zeppelin Amstel. In my eyes there is no bad Zeppelin song. I guess I pushed the right buttons with you ;)  

Of course it's Zeppelin! I saw Robert with Band of Joy. They did lot's of Zeppelin and his voice sounded great! Haven't you seen Celebration Day DVD?  Robert is sounding fine.

I was lucky enough to see the original group in 1971 at Liverpool Stadium, 1973 at Liverpool Empire and 1975 at Earls Court in London. I was not interested in watching just 3 of them at the O2, and after the DVD that was released I'm glad I didn't waste my money (if I'd have got a ticket of course). Led Zeppelin finished in 1980, Jason Bonham is nowhere as profound as Bonzo, Plants voice has gone, on the celebration day DVD he could't reach the notes so he left them blank, my daughter thought that he had forgotten the words. So for me no I would not be interested in seeing the three of them, that is unless they changed their name from Led Zeppelin.





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