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So with so much discussion lately around the great Led Zeppelin I thought we could give a listen to one of the best known live recordings! Considered to be one of the first Led Zeppelin shows to be bootlegged! Originally released as "Pb". Later as "Mudslide" Well click here to listen>LISTEN HERE!

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Bonham sounds amazing.. wow this is great. Just got to heartbreaker and yeah it is the BEST version I have ever heard.. this is bookmarked  and  thx for share barry :) 

now i'm jealous ;)

Wow awesome! Thanks so much for posting about this, and in particular the link to listen to it! Love it!

Hey I didn't mean to duplicate your post! I never saw it and frankly can't find it now. Would love to check out any live shows you or for that matter anyone else has posted. Help me find them!!

Thanks, Barry

Hey, sorry don't remember seeing links for the full audio of the shows in your posts? My bad.

Hey Barry any more bootlegs??  :)

Some of us are new on the site. We don't know what you have posted in the past. I know everyone trying not to post duplicates. Share a link with us if you want us to view your  previous posts.  There is a lot of information here on the site. We are all here to have fun..  :) CRN not rock n roll Gestapo... lmao

thx, this site isn't free. Rich is sponsoring this site for us. I know minimum packages are at least $49 a month for this many members. Thank you rich and appreciate all you do here.. 

Come on guys, please play nice, and lets not antagonize each other :) Other people won't want to join if all they see is arguing on here!

Hey Karen, thanks for kind comments. I just looked through all 12 pages on the Led Zeppelin fan page and there is already another show I posted some time back. I found it on page three, not sure how to give you a link.

ill look for it..  thx barry :)

Ah. this gem. This was the main source for the otherwise then hard to get We're Gonna Groove. This was an edit of the soundboard for the FM broadcast - that never happened, I think ( which is why there is just this one source - unlike the BBC recordings). Maybe one day the rest of the show will appear... perhaps an audience tape from Vancouver?  If not the rest of the board tape especially as this is also the only soundboard from the fifth tour of North America 

.. and oh yes... Heartbreaker... seriously good...


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