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Hi all! I thought it would be great to put together a list of great classic rock tribue bands, and where they are located, so we can all check out a glimpse of great classic rock bands relived!

Feel free to post below to add more to this list... lets make this a great guide for classic rock tribute band fans all across the world!

Led Zeppelin Tribute Bands
- Dazed and Confused, San Diego Based
- Zepperalla, San Francisco Based
- Led Zepagain, So Cal Based
- Lez Zeppelin, New York Based
- Zoso, California Based
- Hats Off to Led Zeppelin - England Based

Doors Tribute Bands
- Wild Child, Los Angeles Based
- Soft Parade, New York Based
- Peace Frog, Los Angeles Based
- Mojo Risin, Mid-West Based

Rolling Stones Tribute Bands
- Jumping Jack Flash, San Diego Based
- Hollywood Stones, Los Angeles Based
- Satisfaction, National USA
- Blushing Brides, New York Based

Beatles Tribute Bands
- Conferfeit Beatles, Uniited Kingdom Based
- Silver Beatles Band, So Cal Based
- American English, Chicago Based
- Rain, National USA
- The Fab Four, California Based

Pink Floyd Tribute Bands
- Wish You Were Here, Cleveland Based
- Bricks in the Wall, Dallas Based
- Pink Froyd, San Diego Based
- The Machine, New York Based

To add your favorite band to this list, simply comment below and I will add them to the list... and feel free to comment and add reviews of classic rock tribute bands too!

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I went to a Pre-Concert Party for RUSH's Vapor Trails Tour in Dallas and there was a RUSH Tribute Band called "ANTHEM" playing at this party and they were Great....

Last Summer we had a PINK FLOYD Tribute Band at our outdoor ampitheater they were called "SET THE CONTROLS" it was an Awesome show.....

Classic Albums Live is a band that takes an album, (various artists) and duplicates it cut for cut, note for note.  I have seen them replicate Sgt. Pepper, Abbey Road and Let it Be.  All great! :-D

Classic Albums Live Website

Which One's Pink? Pink Floyd Tribute- Los Angeles based

The Ultimate Stones- Los Angeles based. Used to be called Rolling the Stones, but they recently reformed the group and changed their name.

Abbey Road- Beatles Tribute-Los Angeles based

They do really well with The Beatles' material.  Would love to see them doing Zeppelin!  

For Hendrix lovers a band in England called 'The Hamsters' are awesome  and often do Hendrix only nights (also do ZZ Top nights) going to a Hendrix night was always a blast.

Check out vids: Little wing, All along the watchtower, Purple Haze

Black sabbath - Sack Sabbath

Another Good One Is The Black Jacket Symphony!

I saw a  few videos of Mr. Jimmy playing with my favorite Led Zep tribute band,Led Zepagain. That lead guitar guy is amazing!

Have seen the Fab Four.  Great show!

I discovered a really awesome Tribute band web site,recently,called Tribute City. It lists hundreds of different cover/tribute bands. You can do different types of searches by area,venue, band name,genre ,etc. Very interesting site-check it out !


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