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I couldn't sleep on Tuesday night so I went on the internet to see out of curiosity what albums were rare and worth money. I discovered to my amazement that my LZ3 and LZ fourth album are worth in the region of £300 each.Also my Beatles Help album is in the same region. Do other members have similar stories? I really was stunned, they show you what you should look for on the record cover, the deadtrack and the label. I had never taken any notice of this before and I bought all three albums on release (cos I'm an old git). Maybe you should have a lokk at your albums and see if they are rare.

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Where did you look? Discogs?

To be honest I went on about 10 different websites, so I can't remember, each site gave different things to look for. I ended up typing in rare vinyl records and I took it from there. It was amazing the things that I found, like on side 2 of the fourth LZ albums some labels had the feather symbol upside down.

Sounds like a project until the weather gets warmer.  I hate to think what I may have in the four boxes.  But don't be fooled too easily.  All are not created equal.  You really need to check closely at the things Joe suggested.

Yes that happened to me with lz4 as well. A pleasant surprise!

I have The Who's 'My Generation' album on the Brunswick label, which is a bit of a rarity. I have seen it on ebay for £250. However I am aware that record collectors require mint condition for these items and this one certainly isn't mint. For me it's a reminder of when I first became interested in good music in the '60s. I bought it on a market stall and it has the price on the back - 15 shillings (75 pence) - not sure of the exact American equivalent of that, but probably about 50 cents.


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