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Michael Jackson Rest in Peace

I have to say a few words. Michael Jackson's shocking surprise death earlier today has saddened me deeply, as I am sure it has saddened many many thousands of Michael Jackons fans all over the world.

Even after his death, it's still amazing to see the number of people commenting on the negative side of him. Truth is any of these negatives certainly don't outweigh the amazing positive impact his life has had on music, and people's lives all around the world. Its a shame he was a mere shadow of his former self over the last 10 years or so.

I have personally been a huge Michael Jackson fan for many years now - I know the lyrics by heart to many of his songs and have sang his songs with great pleasure in Karaoke. I particularly love dancing to his songs on the dancefloor (particularly songs from his amazing breakthrough album 'Off the Wall' like 'Don't Stop Till You Get Enough')- to put it simply, his music has had such a great influence in the great times in my life.

And his album 'Bad' in particular, will always remain very close to me, as not only does it contain some amazing songs, but it evokes very many happy childhood memories. In fact it was one of my first favorite albums before I started to get into classic rock.

The man was a musical genius - no one can ever deny that. The King of Pop. And like one of the song titles from from his 'Dangerous' album states - at just 50 years old, he was 'Gone Too Soon'.

Rest in peace Michael. Your music will forever stay alive in my heart and my mind.

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Like I said originally, "Michael Jackson". Thought that was enough..............
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Rich. Rest in Peace, Michael.

You well-deserved your time when you were here on Earth.

Earth Song -

And of course, everyone needs to hear the "Man in the Mirror" :)


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