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The Beatles certainly are known for their classics that get played all the time like Hey Jude, Get Back, All You Need is Love, Yesterday, A Day in the Life and more. But they have some amazing songs that don't really get much airplay or as much credit as they deserve. Here are 5 of my most under-rated Beatles songs from different albums:

  1. Because - amazing harmonies - you must hear this in the Beatles 'Love' show. Amazing.
  2. Tomorrow Never Knows - love the trippy backwards beat on this song.
  3. Julia - a truly simple beautiful love song
  4. Blue Jay Way - a classic from Magical Mystery Tour
  5. Across the Universe - perhaps the best but most under-rated song on Let It Be?

What are your most under-rated Beatles songs, and why?

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Excellent topic

Your Mother Should Know

Dear Prudence

I'm Only Sleeping

No Reply

Cry For A Shadow (not sure if this can actually be classed as The Beatles)

big fan of DRIVE MY CAR and Hey Bulldog

1.  Tell Me Why

2.  Savoy Truffle

3.  It's Only Love

4. I Dig A Pony

5.  I Want You(She's So Heavy)

I think Long, long, long is underated. I think its a nice song.


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