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There are a few bands, groups and artists that need mentioning:
1. The Velvet Underground/Lou Reed. One of the most influential
2. The Beach Boys. No Beach boys group? huh?
4. David Bowie. Come on, now.
5. The Band

Just to name a few. I know this site is a little new. But these are the greatest musicians the need recognition. What other bands can we think of?

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback... yes, you are right, this site is new and growing. I am slowly adding new groups - I just recently added a Janis Joplin group a few weeks ago. I love the beach boys - but i am not sure they are really classic rock though? Velvet Underground and Lou Reed, yes, they definitely are. David Bowie, yep, I need to set up a group for him too. But come the suggestions coming! Thanks...
Well the Beach boys are certainly a rock band especially after the Pet Sounds album which was one of the greatest works of art of all time. And certainly in the late sixties and seventies when they had a full band giving rock concerts.

Some more:
1. The Kinks (Oh yeah!)
2. Creedence Clearwater Revival
3. Neil Young/Buffalo Springfield. As well as CSNY.
4. Sly and the Family Stone. (Performed at Woodstock, that counts)
Hey Robert, I agree. Pet Sounds really was kind of a precusor to Sgt. Pepper's in a way with its production and scope. Also think of how amazing a fully realized '67 Smile would have been ie Good Vibrations which really hints at the absolute greatness that might have been had Brian Wilson not had a complete meltdown. Although the renaming and recently reconstituted other Smile songs aren't bad!!!

How about Iggy Pop and the Stooges?
or Jefferson Airplane
or Frank Zappa
or The Yardbirds
Just to name a few more....... ;-)
I believe the term is Glam-"Rock". David Bowie is very-very rock. "Gender-bending" and dressing like an alien was all about going against the norm and rebellion. Things like that is what Rock is all about. Besides he changed constantly being influenced and influencing several genres of rock music.

Speaking of influential: The Velvet Underground is one of the most influential bands in rock history. They pretty much invented punk, not to mention avant-garde music that didn't include solos and what have you. And Andy Warhol discovered the Velvet Underground. At any rate, Andy Warhol was a groundbreaking artist who knew great artists when he saw them. Both visual and musical.
Ok, I listened... I just added a David Bowie group - come join up :)

More to come soon! Keep the suggestions coming...
Thanks Rich! ;-)


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