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I have to say the Moody Blues deserve to be in it. Amazing band. Crazy they aren't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (but can you believe ABBA are!) Who do you think should be in it, but aren't?

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I agree with you ED....RUSH should have been in the Hall of Fame A Long..Long...Long...Time Ago...

Great list!

I agree; great list!  We just saw Deep Purple in concert too. :-D  Steppenwolf, one of my favourite bands of ALL time is completely underrated, IMO.  The Small Faces with Steve Marriot were fascinating.  Can't say enough about the Moody Blues and their influence either, (another one of my all time favourite bands).

Also think Heart should be in there.  They were nominated last year, but, not chosen.

Biggest one is Rush - i'm still astounded they aren't in it! Here are others that should be in it:

Robert Plant
Deep Purple
Jethro Tull
King Crimson
Emerson, Lake, & Palmer
The Small Faces
Joe Cocker
Robin Trower

Faces/Small Faces made it. Heart didn't, they should have.

Totally agree about Heart!  Glad to know Faces/Small Faces got in.

Yeah....DEEP PURPLE....And RAINBOW for sure.....


Vanilla Fudge 

Dire Straits


Marshall Tucker Band

Cheap Trick

The Zombies

Iron Butterfly

The Cars

Blue Oyster Cult

Grand Funk Railroad

38 Special

Danny and the Juniors

The Winter Brothers


The Doobie Brothers

I could go on but will stop here.

Rush, Yes, Deep Purple, King Crimson, ELP, The James Gang

I agree with all of those!

George Martin


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