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There has always been great debate about what the best classic rock song of all time is - is it Stairway to Heaven? Smoke on the Water? Light My Fire? Paint it Black? Or even Bohemian Rhapsody? Hotel California? Or perhaps something else? Always wanted to vote for your favorite?

Many people ask me that question too, so I thought I would put a definite end to this question and start an official 'Greatest Classic Rock Song of All Time' poll that will always be up and running - go ahead and vote for your favorite classic rock song of all time and then keep checking back as we get more votes in!

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The Details:
- You can only vote once - sorry I know its tough!
- I have limited it to my definition of classic rock songs (ruled out songs from the 50s and 90's).
- Keep checking back to see who becomes number 1!

So, without further ado, here is my long list of greatest classic rock songs to chose from:

Take Part in the Greatest Classic Rock Song of All Time Poll!

Enjoy - and feel free to discuss below the greatest songs in this poll!

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rock'n me by the steve miler band

Stairway to Heaven: Led Zeppelin

Even my Siamese cat loved Zep and laid by the floor speakers when  I spun a Zep album

'Ten Years Gone'  done by.....well, if you don't know why are you here. 

Muscrat Love by Captain & Tennile

Hey Jude by the Beatles

My Generation - The Who

right place at the wrong time dr john

It's Only Rock N' Roll by the Stones..if that song doesn't get you going than your brain dead.

I have too many favorites and could never choose one.. 

mine is   led zepplin Rock N Roll    love ths song it makes me get going i want to jump up and dance everytime i hear it  cant ever get it load enough

BABY YOU CAN DRIVE MY CAR - The Beatles - just so much fun -beep,beep -beep,beep yea


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