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We all have varying tastes in music and we all listen to different artists, what have you been listening to today? I have just listened to Kris Kristofersson - The Anderson Tapes followed by Pink Floyd - Animals.

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I have been listening to doors, hendrix, pink floyd, david bowie, yes, zeppelin and more at waxtrax radio . Sorry to say he is no longer here with us on the site.  We all need to respect each other when we post here on CRN  and encourage people to get involved in our discussions. Oh yeah, don't forget to "have fun"  Great post Joe.. :) 

I put on my headphones last night when all were in bed, I scanned through as many channels as I could find, and I could not even find a channel playing music that I had heard before, most of the broadcasts were talk programmes. The music on the radio in this country is abysmal, if you dont like music by whoever ft whoever then there is nothing for you. I ended up watching "In the name of the father". But it would be nice to hear what the forum members listen to, I'm sure we all have a very varied taste, and what we listen to reflects this. Why is waxtraxradio no longer with us?

So insulting people is a great way to get them involved??  Maybe that is why people are not getting involved here on the site.. Something to think about Amstel..

Double thumbs up. There's no reason to be uncivil.

thx mark... 

For the thousandth time, please stop antagonizing each other! Everyone has their own view point, but let's not be mean if others don't agree. You are all great, you just need to get along better! Please, for the sake of the site...

Well lately it's a wide variety as usual, lol! But some highlights are Jamie N Commons, Saint Jude, Led Zeppelin, Black Spiders, Rival Sons and more.  If you click HERE you can pretty much see most of what i'm listening to. Though let me say this is not my agenda or reason for joining CRN! Which reminds me I just recently figured out a way to have music play automatically on my Profile page here on CRN, so if you can stop by and check it out I will feel like I'm showing off!! (Plus it maybe music you've never heard!)

I've just been listening to The Rutles (on vinyl of course), I haven't heard it for years. Excellent spoof.

Today I had a melodic day - Barclay James Harvest, Harry Chapin and Dean Friedman.

At the moment, Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There.

Steve Tibbetts - 'A Man About A Horse'. I hadn't heard his music until recently. It's abstract: think rock and acoustic guitar soundscapes with dynamic percussion backing. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoyed it for sure.

Best of George Thorogood and the Destroyers..,best cruizin down the freeway with the volume way up.


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