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We all have varying tastes in music and we all listen to different artists, what have you been listening to today? I have just listened to Kris Kristofersson - The Anderson Tapes followed by Pink Floyd - Animals.

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Can't sleep. Love this Tune.  Traffic - Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

Steve Winwood - vocals/piano
Chris Wood - sax
Roger Hawkins - drums
Rebop Kwaku Baah - percussion
Jim Capaldi - percussion
David Hood - bass

Santana - Soul Sacrifice (Album 1969) 
Woodstock Music Festival 1969, New York USA 
Carlos Santana - Guitar 
Gregg Rolie - Keyboards, Organ 
David Brown - Bass 
Michael Shrieve - Drums 
Michael Carabello - Percussion, Congas 
Jose Areas - Percussion, Congas

Been a while since I heard this.. Have a great day ev1... 

Greatest version of this song! Love this album Eric plays in a style on this that he never really plays like again! It is much more crunchy and fat!

oh yeahhhhhh - and i like this version...

Squonk" based on the North American tale of the Squonk which when captured dissolves in a pool of tears. The song features many different sections and was a live favorite at Genesis concerts between 1976 and 1980. According to Collins, in the interviews on the DVD release, this song was intended to be the closest thing Genesis ever got to Led Zeppelin. 

thx for shares. loving the genesis today.   

i also prefer Peter Gabriel. I never saw them live... 

They played this so much on the radio. It kinda ruined it for me. Also, the video was overplayed on MTV.. That was when MTV actually played music.. :) 

Never heard this one. 

btw The lyrics are beautiful. Just googled for info.   

The Wanderer is the 10th and final track from U2’s Zooropa. It features country legend Johnny Cash on lead vocals and is one of the few U2 songs not to feature Bono on lead vocals at any point. 

The lyrics describe a man searching for God in a post-Apocalyptic world. U2 had never performed it live in concert until a television special entitled I Walk the Line: A Night for Johnny Cash, following Cash’s death in 2003.

thx - i do like it.  The info was for everyone :)


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