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Self explanatory really, what system do you have, amp, speakers,cassette decks, turntables, graphic equalisers etc, or do you just play it through MP3 Ipod or computer?

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Lately I have just been burning songs onto cd's from the computer and listen to them thru my Infinity sound system in my truck (has six speakers w/sub woofer)..the sound is good but nothing beats my quad system (yeah remember quad??) I purchased in 1975/76 while stationed in Germany. The heart of the system is a Marantz 4400 quad/stereo receiver (thing must weigh 50 pounds) with the SQ-2 matrix adapter and the CD-400 demodulator, a Dual 1229Q turntable, Teac A-450 cassette deck and four JBL-65 Jubal speakers. One of these days a classic Teac 3340S reel-to-reel to top it off. Still can find quad albums..just picked up Best of the Doors on quad. Rock on...


I bet that sounds fantastic !

It really does rock..the last night before leaving Sembach Germany I cranked it up listening to ZZ Tops Fandango album..nobody got any sleep and the First Sargeant wanted to say something the next morning but I think he was glad I was I think I spent close to $4K on my equipment..that was a lot of money back in 1976.

Yes it was a lot, but if you want to listen to music properly, you have to pay for it. My wife went beserk in 1985 when I paid £800 each for my Sansui speakers, mind you they were worth every penny, each cabinet has 6 speakers in it and a 17.5 inch bass speaker. 28 years later they are still working perfectly, and I am still using my Technics direct drive turntable I purchased in 1979. I have listened to my daughters "version" of playing music, and quite honestly it's awful, digital technology - my arse, there is no bass no high end oh and no mid range either, it sounds like the transistor radios I had in the early 60's. So that's what the digital age has done - taken music sound back to the 60s. NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL PROGRESSION !!!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha

I don't even want a MP3 player and even cd's have a rather flat sound too. But I remember back in the 60's my neighbor had one of those great Carver amps with real tubes. The darn thing hummed when it was warming up plus he had a couple of those Klipsch speakers. Can't remember what brand turntable but when he played a Rolling Stones album it "really" sounded like you were there in the studio..the highs and lows were so clean and deep. That's when I decided I wanted a high end audio setup for myself.


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