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So many movies with great soundtracks which is your fave? I would have to say that mine are Almost Famous, Dazed and Confused, Across the Universe, Yellow Submarine, Pink Floyd The Wall, The Who Tommy, Forrest Gump, Lord of War and Wayne's World....I know I am missing some but....

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Yes! Singles better soundtrack then movie really! Well except for all the awesome cameos! :D Also Pirate Radio another awesome movie/soundtrack...Oh and has anyone seen American Pop? It came out in 1981, its an animated musical drama film produced and directed by Ralph Bakshi its really good and so is Sunset Strip in 2000 with Anna Friel and Simon Baker, for some reason they never released a soundtrack for it, so many classic songs ...sad really!
Forrest Gump and Almost Famous have ridiculously good soundtracks in particular.
How about "THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME" or "THE LAST WALTZ" These were Concert Movies but they were also Soundtrack Albums....And as B.C Woman mentioned the animated Movie "AMERICAN POP"....And There was also "HEAVY METAL"The Movie.......Also how about "FAST TIMES AT RIDEMOUNT HIGH" this was a Cameron Crowe Film as well........And did anyone ever see the 70's Movie "ALOHA BOBBY & ROSE" This movie soundtrack had Elton John and Emerson Lake & Palmer Music in it.....Or The other 70's Movie "HAROLD and MAUDE" This movie had a soundtrack with CAT STEVENS Music it.....

One that comes to mind for me is the short Australian film Crystal Voyager, a 1973 surf film directed by David Elfick. It was filmed, written and narrated by surfer, photographer and filmmaker George Greenough and has some great songs throughout but has the full version of Pink Floyd's Echoes at the end.

Echoes is a 23-minute film within the film, composed entirely of George Greenough's footage from inside the curl of the wave -- the legendary 'green room'. The camera, with specially designed wide-angle lens, was usually mounted on his back, or on the front of his kneeboard.  Warning!  All that water'll make you go to the loo!

To download the video enter:

Cool, another surf movie Thicker than Water released in 2003 by the Malloys features music from Jack Johnson is also pretty amazing, beautiful scenery and surfing! :) its about 45 minutes....worth checking out!!!!

Well I just watched the movie Suckerpunch...and the soundtrack is pretty cool...really like the version of Army of me by Bjork....also the versions of White Rabbit and Sweet Dreams! Also a good one is Reality Bites (The Knack, Squeeze and Lenny Kravitz), A Knights Tale (Queen and War), Romeo and Juliet (not classic rock at all but still good!) and I know what you did last Summer (lots of good covers!)... Toad the Wet Sprocket doing Hey Bulldog (the beatles), Kula Shaker doing Hush (deep purple) etc...

Oh wow can't believe that I forgot all about The Commitments! Such a good movie slash soundtrack!
The commentments that was a great movie. Great music.
I know its hard to believe that Andrew Strong (the singer Deco) was only 16 at the time! would have never guessed! Such a powerful and soulful voice! The producers had originally asked his father Irish musician and singing coach Robert Strong but he brought his son instead. Andrew has released some cds himself since and also has toured with the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Prince, Lenny Kravitz and even Brian Adams. :D

Another great rock soundtrack is from the movie "Invincible" about former Eagles player Vince Papale...any movie with music by Ted Nugent, Rare Earth, BTO and Canned Heat has gotta be good.

Soundtrack from the movie Pirate Radio..lots of classic rock thru out.

Love the show and the soundtrack...Good one! :)


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