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There were many One Hit Wonder Bands in the 60's & 70's....So what was your favorite One Hit Wonder Song ?  ( Heavy Rock to Soft Rock )

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Strange that noone has listed this song, loved it when i was a kid

I'd never heard of this song or this band until you posted it. SO I was wondering about the validity of calling it a hit. Sooo.... with a little research I was able to determine:

Sympathy reached #27 on the UK charts in February of 1970. However the best it could do in the US was #121 a few weeks later. Does this make it a half a hit?

A Half-hit wonder. Now that's a whole new level of mediocracy.

I think the issue more is we are looking at one-hit wonders which wanders over in to the Pop vein but does include some outstanding Classic Rock that could not help but be a "hit". But that is what lists are all about and obviously we all have opinions-this topic alone has me going back and looking up the Buchanan Brothers and just last week I was going over my Rare Bird collection which really are classic rock stars in my list -Turn Your Head Around and Piece Of Mind are all-time greats-AH but I digress from One Hit Wonders-sorry.....


Thought it interesting that CNET recognized the One-Hit-Wonder phenomenon and at $0.69 cents its a bargain. Except for one thing...

I wouldn't download Ice-Ice Baby or Who Let the Dogs Out if they gave me a dollar to do it.


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