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I believe this discussion never ends...who is the best and who is overrated? Who influenced most, who tried the craziest things? Wanna know your opinion of who you think the top 5 classic rock guitar players are!

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Yeah...okay. I forgive you! ;)
You forgot Steve Howe!
1.ERIC CLAPTON - simply the best live
2.Jimmy page
3.Jeff beck
4.Jimi hendrix
5.Stevie ray Vaughn

Well here is My Top 5 Guitarist;






Now I'd like to explain why I feel these are my favorite Guitarist.....

#1 JIMMY PAGE, Well just think of all those great albums and those great songs....He came up with all those cool guitar parts with those wierd guitar tunings,I mean he's a master at constructing a song, Hell, not only a song but a whole album.


#2 FRANK ZAPPA, The Man was a GENIUS! Now I Know many people will say they just don't get his music at all....But when you break it all down...Man, come on...He created some Great Pieces of music. All you gotta do is check out his guitar work on any of his albums and you'll see what I'm talking about...Like  "Black Napkins","Treacherous Cretins",or the bluesy work he did on "Cosmik Debris"....There is so much work he did if you give it a listen I know there will be something that you'll dig. 


#3CARLOS SANTANA, Well Carlos mixed Rock,Blues,Jazz with Afro/Cuban Rhythms. When I first heard the first album I was hooked and not only by the hit songs like "Evil Ways" or "Jingo". What really blew me away on Santana's first album was the Instrumental "Treat" that was the greatest piece of music I had heard at that time. And later with tracks like "Europa","Aqua Marine" and "Soul Sacrifice"....And he's put out alot of great albums since. And I think his guitar work does stand out in this style of music.


#4 JIMI HENDRIX, His music is classic for sure,it has molded all the guitarist today in one way or another. With songs like "Voodoo Chile (slight Return)","All Along The WatchTower","The Wind Cries Mary". He had a vision he was going with in his music and at that time he achived it,only god knows what he would have given us.....But I know it would have been great.


#5 SREVIE RAY VAUGHN, Man I remember a friend of mine asked me if I had heard of this Bad Ass guitarist from Texas that was playing in Austin Tx at the time. And I said no,that's when he turned me on to Stevie Ray.....And I was hooked this was some Texas Blues with a Texas Swing feel to it and something I hadn't heard before. With songs like "Texas Flood","Cold Shot", "Pride And Joy" and "Tin Pan Alley"....This was Blues at it's Best,Texas Style and we ate it up.

Well I know how you feel,But I listed them as they came into my head. I'm not taking anything away from Hendrix...For me it's about my personal taste. Like I've stated before Santana's Best work was his older stuff.And Jimi life was cut too short and I'm sure he would have gave us so,so much more. As for Hendrix I like the Woodstock Set he played the most of all,as far as without the original Jimi Hendrix Experinance. And the stuff he did with Buddy Miles like that Fillmore Show on New Years Eve was for me Ok....I kinda Liked the set he did in Sweden I think it was '68 or '69 the one that's floating around out there.

So is Machine Gun your favorite Live track? And what do you think of Buddy Miles? And what did you think about Jimi bringing in Billy Cox on bass?

Well I agree about what you've said of BUDDY MILES, I like what he's done. He even worked with Santana a few times over the years. And Jimi was a Great Guitarist and also collect stuff on him like bootlegs, albums and pic's. I've got an Album of The ELECTRIC LADYLAND from Holland it's a gatefold album and the cover has all the nude women on the cover. And I got a few copys of HENDERIX HIGH,LIVE 'N DIRTY (XRATED)....One copy is pressed on red colored vinyl and the other one isn't on colored vinyl.I'm sure you've seen these and probably even own them,I just thought they were cool and all. I'm glad to have met you on here cause it's good to talk to someone who knows what they're talking about.

Jimmy Page for president





1. Jimmy Page 

2. Jimi Hendrix 

3. Eric Clapton

4. Stevie Ray Vaughn

5. Duane Allman 

Love these guys! hard to put to just 5....honorable mention? I think so..... :D

Carlos Santana

Richie Blackmore

Robbie Kreiger

David Gilmour

Pete Townsend

.......well you guys get the picture!


John Fogarty

Keith Richards

Jimmy Page

Pete Townhsend

Angus Young

Keith Richards? I guess he's a mad man, but he is never better than Page or Clapton! John Fogarty a underrated guitarist!!! I agree!
Haha I guess there are many many good guitarists!


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