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I believe this discussion never ends...who is the best and who is overrated? Who influenced most, who tried the craziest things? Wanna know your opinion of who you think the top 5 classic rock guitar players are!

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  1. Steve Miller
  2. Jeff Beck
  3. Jimmy Page
  4. Robby Krieger
  5. Pete Townshend

Brian May - emotional powerful style with perfectionist attitude and interesting ideas.

Robin Trower - Incredible emotion in His playing

Andy Scott - Sadly overlooked as a great guitarist but His work speaks for itself

Steve Vai - always full of surprises and usually played to perfection

Gary Moore - He had it all, always amazing to see & hear.


It's hard, and I'll probably regret it tomorrow:

1. Alex Lifeson - For the Villa La Strangiato solo if nothing else.

2. Jimmy Page - The messiah.

3. Paul Kossoff - Unique genius.

4. Jimi Hendrix - He re-wrote the rule book.

5. Ritchie Blackmore - Brought classical influences to axe work.


"If that is it for you, then you really have to educate yourself more about music!"

As do you matey boy

Good to see you can see other peoples opinions !! LOL


Jeff Beck

Toni Iommi

Jimmy Page

Steve Howe

Alex Lifeson

There have been many excellent guitarists over the years, many adding their own style to the mix. in no particular order, my best 5 would be

Steve Howe

Andy Powell

Alvin Lee

Michael Schenker (for the Strangers In The Night Album with UFO)

Jimmy Page

Others who deserve a mention

Micky Jones (Man)

Jan Ackermann

Alex Lifeson

Rudolph Schenker

Allen Collins

Gary Rossington

Duanne Allman

The list could go on and on.....

Cole, just so you will know that I was a good parent, last night my daughter called and told me to make sure I put Mark Knoffler this list! 


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