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I believe this discussion never ends...who is the best and who is overrated? Who influenced most, who tried the craziest things? Wanna know your opinion of who you think the top 5 classic rock guitar players are!

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Alex Lifeson

Richard Thompson

Paul Kossoff

Jimmy Page

Billy Gibbons

Hendrix was fantastic but would only rate No6 or 7 for me

Satriani, Page, Schenker, Steve Harris(Shy) & Hendrix have gotta be up there! 

Iommi, Schenker, Uli Roth, Tipton and Moore

My top five in no particular order.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimmy Page

Duane Allman

Roy Clark

Jeff Beck

Roy Clark, an ususual, but great choice. A very talented guy.

He's one of the most amazing classical guitarists of the recent age. What he can do with a 12 string is phenomenal.  It was a toss up between Roy Clark and Chet Atkins, both amazing guitarists.

1. jimmy page

2. george harrison

3. jimmy hendrix

4. john lennon

5. mccartney

Mccartney was one of the best guitar pickers ever. blackbird? absolutly genius. and lennons rhythm guitar gave the beatles songs the awesome backbone that makes them so famous. Its more of a respect thing. Im not saying hendrix isnt amazing, just without lennon/ mccartney there would be no hendrix

You are so incredably wrong. Before the beatles? Swing/skiffle. THE BEATLES INVENTED 4/4 WHICH IS THE STANDARD BEAT HENDRIX AND EVERYONE ELSE USES TO THIS DAY. You are too ignorant to understand the affect the beatles had on mucic and the world. music producers say without the beatles we would be listening to the music from the 70's NOW. That right there should tell you that there would be no hendrix, its a FACT

dude what are you talking about, without the beatles before led zeppelin and hendrix those bands would sound like elvis. i think youre the one that needs to learn some facts. 

Eddie Van Halen

Gary Moore

Angus Young

The Edge

Ritchie Sambora

Let me stir the pot and see who gets all bent outta shape on this one.....

1*** Jimmy Page (Can we just give him the crown and take him out of the choices?)
1. Les Paul & Leo Fender (Wouldn't be having this discussion if it weren't for them now would we?)
2. Either of the Schenker Brothers (Great body of work)
3. Angus Young (Saw him play in the pouring rain, he is in another dimension)
4. Randy Bachman (He doesn't play the guitar, the guitar is an appendage of his body)
5. A big snarly mess here............why......because they're good and deserve mention
    Tom Scholz, Nancy Wilson, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Lifeson, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry,Eric Clapton,Slash,Pete Townsend, Rod Price, Brian May,Ted Nugent,Brian Greenway,Billy Gibbons,Randy Rhoads


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