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One that comes to mind for me, is Dire Straights "Money for Nothin". I've always thought the lyrics were kinda stupid, but I can't listen to that song and hold still!

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Any stax soul tune

redding , pickett , sam & dave


i'm a soooooouuuuuuuuullllllll man :)


Did I misspell? I hate that! It must have been a Monday. I work 16 hour shifts every weekend. No telling what I'm going to say!
Your right, its not that good a song. I don't know why that song in particular. It just is. I think maybe because of the memories it brings. I could come up with many others, but you make a good point about FM radio. It forces certain songs to mark the events of our lives.
Well all right.
Jethro Tull-locomotive breath
The Doors-roadhouse blues
CCR-the midnight special
Golden Earring-radar love
Red Hot Chili Peppers-snow
Of course I could go on.
Hahaha, that's ok.

you expect from a guy that listens to  the ramones

to like radar love?




Several that I like to crank up, especially when doing housework.  REALLY gets me moving, LOL


More:  the Beatles had some great numbers! :-D

I can remember the times I went to The Mayfair club in Sunderland, UK, on Fridays - rock night!  Whenever Freebird was played everybody fell to the floor and sat cross legged, even the fellas! (with joss sticks and a whiff of Petuli oil) sang along with the first few verses but when it changed to that great instrumental bit in the middle, everyone jumped up and went crazy!!  It still gets me that way everytime I hear it and the memories come flooding back!  Great times!


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