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I see so many discussions about guitars and drummers but where is one honoring the amazing bass players out there? So who are/is your fave?

1. John Entwhitsle

2. Geddy Lee

3. Paul McCartney

hononrable mention: Ray Manzarek's left hand! :D

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Toss up.... Geddy Lee & John Paul Jones. Both work magic complimenting their drummers.






Add Jack Casady to the list as he played some awesome bass with Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna

My ALL-TIME favorite bass player is John Paul Jones.  He IS the reason why I play bass!  I have his(zeppelin)symbol tattooed on my wrist in flames.  Next in line would be Chris Squire, then Barry Oakley.  Honorable mention would be Cliff Burton-Tim Commerford-Eric Wilson.

Nice to see Barry Oakley get a nod. The guy was a genius on bass and the absolute perfect complement to Duane Allman.

In addition to the greats already mentioned I would add:


Geezer Butler 

Chris Squire

John Myung


And you oughta take a look at Carol Kaye. As they say... don't judge a book by her cover.


Carol Kaye played on more hits than The Beatles.

And then you have Stuart Hamm....


John Myung on the six-string bass

John Entwistle

Pete Way

Chris Squire

Phil Lesh


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