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Who Do You Think Was The Best Female Back-Up Singer ?

 Well Eric Clapton had YVONNE ELLIMAN on the song " Can't Find My Way Home " and also had MARCY LEVY on the song " The Core "

 And The Rolling Stones had MERRY CLAYTON on the song " Gimme Shelter "

 And Pink Floyd had CLARE TORRY on the song " GREAT GIG IN THE SKY "

So Who Do You Think Was The Best ?.....Or Do You Have Anyone Else You Might Think Are Better....Let Us Know.....

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Here is Yvonne Elliman & Eric Clapton with "Can't Find My Way Home"

Here is Marcy Levy & Eric Clapton with "The Core"

Here is Merry Clayton & The Rolling Stones with "Gimme Shelter"

Here is Clare Torry & Pink Floyd with "Great Gig In The Sky"

Without a doubt the first to come to mind was Clare Tory on Dark Side of the Moon. I saw Floyd on the Dark Side tour in Tampa Stadium. She was even better live. Such stage presence!


Another that comes to mind is Pearl Aday, Meat Loaf's adopted daughter. Her biological father was the drummer for Joplin's Full-Tilt Boogie Band.

Pearl backed up Meat Loaf's touring band for many years. She also sang backup with Motley Crue. She is married to Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. Is she the best? No... but she's pretty darn good. My vote would have to go to Clare Torry on the weight of her iconic "Great Gig" solo.


Oh and if you like Clare Torry.... Check out singer Bianca Antoinette doing her rendition of Great Gig.


A pretty good homage to the original.

She Did a Great Job of it....Thanks


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