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A huge question indeed! And a very popular one! This was posted as a question on our Facebook Fan page earlier, and it got 32 responses in just one hour! Take a look at some of the great responses:

So who do you think is better, Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath, and why?

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No I shouldve never put it that way.They were very moving when they came out upon the music world No doubt about that well all their first  releases up to Physical Graffiti were ass kicking .Of course I have each and every one as well as some bootlegs but Presence -Coda except for a few songs were below their standards.i think they realized especially after Johns passing that with him Zeppelin fire was being extinguished s barely smoldering in its last gasps or death throes.The fire was extinguished  when rock lost  one of the best drummers John Bonham who was the fuel of the Zeppelin fire along with John Paul.Of course thats again subjective but thats where led zeppelin is in my musical inventory. I always remember having that Rolling stones Vs Zeppelin thing me against my buddy while in grade school.The Rolling Stones basically lost most of their swagger and rule of rock after Exile was the beginning to the end.Sure they had a few lps Some Girls Tattoo You and a couple with a few songs or so.But nothing they did after 73 was an actual rock and roll  masterpiece.Beggers Banquet Let It Bleed Sticky Fingers Get your Ya yas out Exile on Main street.My buddy who is a blues fanatic that played with many of the legends in Chicago who lives up here a few hours away from me now sent me  this amazing Gimme Shelter earlier.That woman can sing like no tomorrow. I think most writers lose their peak when they hit thier mid 30's its mostly all down hill.they may acquire better skills in their craft whatever playing  but musical writing  whatever starts suffering.Who knows maybe its just that they already made all that money and blown it and made it again the girls just throwing themselves at them and stardom gets them sick lol Bill Hicks does a funny thing about when thoese 2 kids on a stupid suicide pact killed themselves because of supposedly sublimal message to a priest song.Later the parents initiated a money settlement lawsuit thing thing against Judas priest.  I love Keith Richards & hes a musical icon but putting him in the top 10 guitarists? Come on half the time he is either to wasted or doesnt give a f.Ron Woods carries himand his mistakes. But its all good because when you get that big all you gotta do is show up to sell out and get paid as rock and roll royalty lol Funny because its been a few years and through all the years Ive heard everything by them and this new lp I have only heard 2 songs Doom7 Gloom has that signature Stone sound.I sadly havent listened to the rest because i figure its probably nothing that would perk my interest in the least bit.the words to Doom and gloom do.Dr Johns Locked Down that the media gives no airplay and was did in a German studio by some obscure label because of the NWO message is proof in the pudding about how mass media controls things.This Dr John lp is probably his best since the early 70's. So that throws my age theory out the window and my logic lol But for most artists its true unless you are a starving artist & have someone rekindling the fire fueling it with current big name artists & lost of money to get you airplay. shooter jennings Waylons son released a very fresh sounding psych thrash type double  lp with Stephen King the famed horror movie novel writer  that had no backing also on an obscure label that slid silently to obscurity because of his message NWO Megadeath and a few others do not get the exposure they deserve because of their message. Their is a reason for everything. Sometimes its not that the artists arent talented or the business aspect bad management whatever which happens all the time but are cheated because their message isnt what the status quo deems acceptable because it is detrimental to their agenda.Whew I need to get a life saturday night & im here lol have a good weekend

Music to be is truth simple as that I don't put on any fronts are whatever Im not trying to win any popularity contest lol I sometimes still listen to the Monkees who as corny as it sounds had some very good song writers and people around me go wow I never would've thought you would listen to that lol That's why I have such a hard time getting rid of lps I have actually lost relationships because of my passion or disease that also is subjective to whomever from whatever vantage point b


Shirley my dear you don't  know Michael Schenker well I bet you do somewhere during the years. UFO, 1st Scorpions a few other guest appearances  ( Rudolph the founding member is his brother) as well as MSG. he was like a very big factor. Under Construction with Amy Schugar. Very promising girl guitarist that i consider a friend even if shes in Japan or wherever getting famous  lol Personally I love UFO I  never really cared for UFO until he was a member.Of course their most popular period was whiile he was with them.The man could play with any of them. i have his auto and Amys as well as Robin Trowers another of my favorites.As ritchie Blackmore said he may not be the most talented but Robin gets such a good sound out of that guitar as well as he is such a talented song writer.Ive I mentuioned him because i noticed his name somewhere as well and I hate saying this because I was a  Hendrix fanatic & still am but Robin actually has wroten better stuff Again thats personal and I realize also that Robin has lived twice as long making lps.Just like my favorite guitarist Tommy Bolin who idolized Jimi.Sadly when he passed away at 26 years old before putting him in the ground they put a ring his manager bought for him that Hendrix was wearing the day he died. Tommy only was around 6 or 7 years mostly on other peoples lps.From Albert King Dr John  Billy Cobham  Alphonze Mouzon Moxy a founding member of Zephyr, replaced Joe Walsh after he quit the James gang replaced ritchie Blackmore after he quit Deep Purple then his two solo lps & then sadly played on Jinxes Black Swan.Finally he thought things were going to start coming his own way but opening for Jeff Beck his life ended a cold hearted business manager knew he was Over dosing & refused to get an ambulance after even a DR said he needed to because of concerns of bad publicity Tommy died in a Miami hotel  room needlessly. What If was a tribute band and guitarist from all genres recognize the talent that was lost & finally the rest of the population to a degree.i talk to much but my childhood friend didnt make it so I am stranded at home wishing I was homelessso I wouldnt have to be here  lol 

 wow you've really done your homework!!  you know a lot about several important people!! I haven't listened to the Scorpions that much over the years just "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and the name Tommy Bolin doesn't ring a Bell.  I was probly listening to Derek and the Dominoes at the time!!  Or Eric Clapton when he moved on to his solo career!! 




Led Zepplin,pink floyd black sabbath

I love both bands but id have to say if I had to pick one to see if I could , it would be Zeppelin!

Led Zeppelin by a landslide! Jimmy Page was the most innovative and overall greatest guitar player, and still holds that title. Not to mention the rest of Led Zep's legendary lineup-Robert Plant, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones. Yes, Black Sabbath had their part in making incredible music (especially with an album like Paranoid), but ultimately Led Zeppelin made better music and continues to be one of the greatest rock bands ever.

That's a hard question similar to ones about the Beatles/Stones but I have to say it's Zeppelin all the way with Sabbath a close second.  Page & Iommi are both great rock guitarists with few equals even though Plant is way above Ozzy as a vocalist.  I get tired of hearing Stairway To Heaven & Paranoid a billion times on any classic rock station no matter if they are gems. In My Time Of Dying by LZ & War Pigs by BS are ballsy, blistering masterpieces along with being my all time favorite classics.


Led Zeppelin...

Sorry Sabbath fans...Zeppelin (and Cream of course) started it all...and each member was key to the strength of the band...lose one more band...lots of bands change members whenver they get mad at each other...

strength of catalog...not even close..

Not to minimize Sabbath by any means...just not in the very top tier...

Just saying...


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