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A huge question indeed! And a very popular one! This was posted as a question on our Facebook Fan page earlier, and it got 32 responses in just one hour! Take a look at some of the great responses:

So who do you think is better, Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath, and why?

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I don't even know who Michael Schenker is!  Amstel I think you left out one person who is an excellent guitarist..namely  ..Eric Clapton! Have you ever listened to any music by Cream ?? They were the 1st Supergroup back in the 60's.  Eric's guitar playing is awesome to say the least!!  Their Reunion concerts in 2005 sold out within a few hours...both at the Royal Albert Hall in London and then at Madison Square Garden.  The MSG shows that October sold out faster than any concerts held there up til that time!...that's how much people wanted to see them!! (I only wish I could have gone to one show!!)

I finally found this blog that I blogged badly yesterday lol About these two bands.Both are great Deep Purple was just as popular & probably was more talented whichever version had better players even without David Coverdale Glenn Hughes Tommy Bolin's version.To me and many of my hooligans from my old haunts in Chicago  UFO because of Michael Schenker blew them all away even when he was in another condition it was like above & beyond another galaxy The Michael Schenker zone lol Now I must somehow send this link to Jinx But I will leave in love because guess what I love all the music from all of the above as well as all of you my miscreants of music lol Defined without some modifications altercations abreviations variations mutations abominations we would all be the one & the same and the music would all be the all the same and you know what life would suck even more then it does lol  Did any of you hear how that billionaire was killed by his own kids.This guy hated the song My Way by Frank Sinatra.Well his kids locked him into a room and blasted My Way 24 hours a day until the pooor old billionair passed away his way lol Imagine living in a world where all you heard was Stairway to Heaven or Iron Man?


is this working ?


Karen I think its a little eveident but that song isnt bad & so your the one for sure that posted it? Well thanks for trying to help me as well as posting that.I thought I somehow messed up and for a moment even that Jinx had some either someone with ultra advanced skills that swich videos if they were pirated or mojo supernatural califragilistic magic power (she does because somehow she defys age like the rest of us & has all these infinite secrets of the universe lol) No actually shes a very beautiful  I live righteously & didnt want my supposed mistaken video episode tor be the initiation point for rumors or whatever.(I also value my mortal being so its always much better to be safe then sorry lol) So now my karma has returned being good & all is good because I am free from guilt.I could return to my normal sphere of being a mere music mania driven mystic male seeking true enlightenment which now is treason in the tyranny of lies .With that I will end that rant 


This thread , although binging a lot of responses, is a strange one for me. Sabbath are basically a metal band, and a pretty good one. The first two albums were great, but they pretty much fell apart after that. They came up with another cracker when Ronnie James Dio joined them, but that didn't last long.  Zep, on the other hand, showed themselves capable of a far wider repertoire than just metal music, and did it over a number of years.  They were in a much higher league than Sabbath could ever get to.

Hi John,  Good to have you as well as your reply.I love both and even the genres reasoning is subjective because everyone has different feelings about that as well.Truthfully most love Plants voice and actually DIO would blow either one away or various other Sabbath leads.Ozzy has like a stage presence and a different voice that is cool.I never really was a Plant fan only on a few songs but then I like Mick Jagger so what does that mean if anything lol.Anyways Im a 3 dayer now so you might be further along then myself because half the time I don't know where I am going on here and answer late.Again have a good time and later I am gonna stop in and see what kind of music you have just because I am nosy lol 

Hi Amstel,  No doubt Sabotage is not their biggest selling but my personal favorite.Techical Ecstasy and Never Say Die are Black Sabbaths Ozzy breaking period.I still can find 5 or 6 songs that jamm.1 of my personal favorites is JR's Eyes.Sabbath was going through changes & Tonny Iommi ceased the moment & made the best of it because his guitar is really starting to take Sabbath up toi another level & then DIO they also had some of their best work that for me is even better then their classics maybe not on a whole but parts really shine& I love Ozzy but that DIO was a voice that few can compare


Hi John,  This is the second time I'm writing this bloody reply mate lol Since I have to rewrite you have to listen to my English slang lol That s so cool about the Ozzy connection.I never met him but do have a friend that knew both him & Michael at the same time.Their is no doubt from my vantage point as well That Rainbow Rising was the best rainbow and its also one of my favorite s of all.Dio as even with his sabbtah period just brought a whole new meaning to vocals. Tremendously gifted.Ozzy has a voice as well as stage presence but Dio just takes it far and away.Strangely Robert Plant I never cared for.Maybe I'm strange who knows lolAbout Ritchie well I think hes content touring all over playing classical folk in tights with that foxy blonde he married lol.He was never the most easy bloke to be in a band with.He has made some very ugly things towards the Deep Purple 4 version.Personally I love all the versions for the most part they all have their different hues.Ritchies is the darkest most simply structured but it still holds a special place but some of the other works are well simply tremendous taking Purple to other hues that I also love.Maybe that's why I always loved King Crimson so much? Even Van the Man who goes all over the place & Tommy Bolin in his way to early career? I don't know but I like them all.They all have their own contributions to the music. hOpe all is bloody well fine or better then this bloody American ruining your slang lol    ps earlier 1 of my comments ended up on another page I wonder if Im even on the same book where all of you are on here lol 

Hi Glen, good to talk. In a strange sort of way I have loyalties to both Ozzy and Planty. I knew Ozzy for a while and used to see him regularly (in a pub of course) late 70s/early 80s, and Robert Plant is Vice President at the football team I have supported my whole life - Wolverhampton Wanderers. But I have to say Ronnie James Dio blew both of them away for me. The 'Rainbow Rising' album, I believe, was an absolute masterpiece, with Blackmore and Dio hitting their creative peaks. Who knows what they might have followed up with? Sadly Ritchie wanted hit singles and success in the US (which he never achieved).

John earlier I wrote about loyalys somewhere in this place makes me think of Robin and The fool in me lol maybe that's why I feel such a connection to Robin as I heard Ritchie even once state that Robin can't play but he sure sounds good.Skills arenet everything.I think he also was putting down glen Hughes and david coverdale in the same breathe.That Ritchie can I guess be a little impossible but he sure played some guitar so we will just have to over look his little outbursts as long as he doent get violent and start killing our other stars Ian & Glenn David. For some strange reason maybe he just doesn't like singers lol Now that I think about it he was also talking about Mick Jagger.I guess we could define any guitarist with an obsession to lash out cruely at their bloody band mates as Blackmored lol I better go to bed im getting lamer by the second lol


wow I lost all of that I wrote? The Stones were just like pompous caricatures after musically perhaps Some Girls and that one after Black & blue I still bought their lps but??? .Zeppelin was just a totally dull lifeless blimp on the rock scene except for a few songs.Solo careers I could barely think of 3 between the front men that did anything for me.Then I take someone like Michael Schenker who has been up and down all the way around through rock & roll hell more then any of them & I know many whove played with him 1 real close well at 1 time.He always somehow releases music that engages & holds its own to anyone past present whatever.Well except for that period with Twisted Sister or Ratt when his ex stole even all his gear.Listen to his 30 years compilation and try and find anything by anyone else that touches it. Well even the Stones and they got like 50 cant .Very few can do that.I guess maybe I am not your common fan.If the music doesn't keep me nothing will.King Crimson as well as Deep Purple through all their various phases always keep me in their camps Pink Floyd for the most part Well the Division Bell was wait I am not going to start that again lol To put it simply their is just to much music out their so I personally just move on to something that moves me as intended.We all have our own things and that's what makes this world spin


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