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Everyone has a favourite band or singer, but who do you think is the most good looking?  You may love Jethro Tull's music or Fleetwood Mac but I wouldn't call Ian Anderson the most handsome of men, at least not in the early days of the band, and some people can't stand Stevie Nicks whereas I think she's gorgeous!  So, what are you're thought's?

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As you will see on the Facebook Fan Page same topic I asked, I would have to say Marianne Faithful (she was a solo artist, and was involved with the Stones too). Very sexy! And if were a woman, it just has to be Jim Morrison....

Aahhh well now, not exactly the same Rich!  You had asked for the most sexy, and whereas some singers may be really sexy they're not allways the best looking souls around, as in Ian anderson!  There was something about him in the days when he had all that lovely hair, wore all those fantastic clothes and was a bit more 'energetic' than he is now that I found a touch sexy but he wasn't the most handsome of men!  (Sorry Ian!)  Also I found Freddy Mercury to be the same, sexy but not what I would call handsome. The girls; I think that Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush, Judy Tzuke to be both sexy and beautifull!  ;-) 

Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi are mighty fine.  Have always had the hots for John Kay though.

I think My choice will always be Kate Bush, and its nothing to do with the leotard :)

Ohh Yeeaaaarr???  I bet you say that to all the girls!!  LOL  ;-\ 

Only the ones that attack me with a concealed leotard.....sounds like a dream I've had :)

I have a thing for Denny Laine...although he's not really a rocker, per se. I love Roger Waters, Pete Townshend, and Bon Scott, too.

I adore Stevie Nicks and I love Lita Ford :)

Here's a one from my mum!  If she were still with us she would have said it's got to be Jim Morrison, although I know she didn't like his music, he was what she called "a good looking nowt", "just a nice piece of eye candy"!  LOL! 

Was it the leather trousers that did it for her? :)

Don't know about that Pete but I'm thinking it may have been a totally loverly change for her to gaze at Jim for a while than my dad with his bald head and moustache!  (sorry dad)! He he!

lol, what's your Dads poetry like?


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