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Hey Classic Rock fans. I wanted to turn you on to my syndicated radio show that features "new" songs from Classic Rock bands and performers. Classic Artists Today (CAT) has weekly interviews, the best "new" songs from many of your long lost bands/performers and even "flashback" songs from their heyday. Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, One-Hit Wonders, Progressive Rock Bands, and much more! Check us out at for the scoop!

If you're in to Motown, The Philly Sound or Memphis R&B, then check out our sister - Coool CAT, syndicated radio show at Let me know what you think and as my friend Edgar Winter says, "Rock On!"

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I know what you mean. But other than listening to mostly pretty bad music nowdays from much of the "new" artists, it is fun to check out the "new" music by our favorite "classic" artists. You'll find a "gem or two" on their new material. Those are what we feature on Classic Artists Today, syndicated radio show. Plus we play some special songs from their heyday! In addition, we have current interviews with the guys (and gals)! Check us out at and you can listen to 2 recent shows on-demand. On our "schedule" page, you can find out how to listen to this week's show on one of our great Radio Affiliates!!


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