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Creedence Clearwater Revival were to many the soundtrack of the Vietman War, with their epic anti-war song 'Fortunate Son'. But there was much more them to that, with John Fogerty penning many other great hits - Born on the Bayou, Green River and Bad Moon Rising, to name but a few. Let's hear your opinion on this under-rated band - your favorite Creedence Clearwater Revival moments like Woodstock, and your favorite songs by them.

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This is the finest band in the history of rock music.  They hits they created in a short time span is amazing.

The greatness of this band is the diversity of the music covered.  From country to blues, to straight ahead rock and roll.  This is not an underated band, but rather few people can equate the songs to the band.

This band only created 7 albums, 65 songs or so yet 20 of them were in the charts.  The had 6 double sided 45's that charted.  They pumped out 3 albums in one year, all of them top ten.  This is the equivalent

of 15 years for a band such as AC/DC.  How this band did not win Grammys in its time is a mystery.  Popularity in music is about image, and this band had none as they kept their personal lives to themselves.


You can never get tired of listening to CCR. As with all the other bands that I love, I can't name my favorite songs by them, guess I'm to indesisive on that subject! But when I listen to CCR I have to listen to the full albums. I don't understand why they aren't as revered as they should be, they have a song for everyone and everything! It doesn't matter though it's just their loss if they can't appreciate CCR. 


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