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"Street Survivors” Photo of Album Cover

I remember what a hard time the band had trying to get the picture
for the front cover of the "Street Survivors" album. The set'up at
Universal Studios was a metal trough in front of the band, one in each
of the windows located on both sides of the band, and an explosion
that would go off behind the band. The explosion would go off, setting
the troughs on fire, just as the picture was being taken, giving the
effect of Lynyrd Skynyrd coming into town and setting it on fire
-which was what they always did. The problem was that the flames in
the trough in front of them would rise up too high causing the band
members to jump back.

On a couple of occasions, the gas that was being used to start the
fires would burn too long causing the wood in the town setting to
catch on fire. The studio firemen would come in and put the fires out
and then they'd have to start all over. Finally, after about a hundred
fires and a half a day of shooting they got it right. The picture was
almost perfect except Gary was jumping back a little.

After the plane crash and the death of Ronnie, Steve, and Cassie,
the survivors decided that the fire scene wasn't very appropriate and
they took the picture that was originally supposed to go on the back
cover of the album and put it on the front. The fire scene ended up on
the back cover.

Gene Odom

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