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I have a chance to see Lynyrd Skynyrd within the next couple weeks live.
While I enjoy a few of their songs, I never quite got into the band.

Now my question is, would it be worth going to see them? Does anybody even know how many (if any) original members there still in the band?

If anybody has seen them recently, please let me know how it was.

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Give it up--they are washed up, only Gary Rossington is an original member.
Your crazy skullman check the new cd out

I think its always worth it to see a band live. The experience alone is worth it. Lucky you, I wish I could go too.
Go see the band my friend

It would be the best  concert you have ever seen.tyhere is only one original member still in the group now but thay are still Lynyrd Skynyrd,jonnie van zant is frount man now but big brother Ronnie van zant original singer for skynyrd is singing thru jonnie and there is not much differents in the two---if you can go see them,you wont come away the same thanks charles


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