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I know its not easy naming favorites - at least not for me. I have so many I love by PF. So if you can't possibly pick just one, which one is your favorite today ??

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One of my newly discovered favorites is echoes (both parts). Have you ever seen the live at pompeii DVD? Mesmerizing...
yes i have see echoes preformed live in pompeii . i just wish i was there in 1971 to actually see it .oh well at least i can watch it on youtube .btw evevrytime i think of pompeii i have to think of nick mason and his dislike for pie crust .oh aren't they all adorable .i like david the best ,he's the good looking one obviously.rick's the cutesy one .
god this DVD is awesome. I love their performance of "Careful with that axe, Eugene"
Another Brick in the Wall
Mine Is High Hopes And A Lot More I Can Go On And On. I Can't Explane Why "High Hopes" is one of my Fav, Ijust Like The Video I Geass?
My favorite would probably be "Us and Them " . First of all , it comes from the greatest rock album of all time . It follows all the other excellent tunes on that disc and adds to the whole philosophy of Mr. Waters attitudes and concept for that album .
Second , the song itself is a constant musical contrast . Most great tunes are ! Listen to the lyrics and then compare them to the melody and dynamics in the song . It is almost a contradiction in feeling and atmosphere , yet the expert talent of this fine band can pull it off like no other !
This is a lost art , that you seldom here in today's new bands.
i agree with you ,''music'' is a lost art .i guess more recent bands are only in it for the money .dsotm is more than just an album ,it tells a rich story of philosophy ,morality ,ect.. maybe that's why i'm so drawn to the album .it happens to be one of my favorite albums of all time .no question about it.
Its really hard for me to pick a song,
there all really good
Hello Mary You Got That Right
any colour you like!!
god thats a fucking mind trip. its beautiful.

and Run like Hell.
i love pink floyd man.
I love them all, but, if I have to choose, and this is only for today, I believe my favorite is Comfortably Numb. I don't know why, maybe because, it is raining here in PCB, so I can't do what I love the best.
Sitting on the beach with a good brew, listening to the classic rock I grew up with
thats a rough question...

I'm gonna go with Comfortably Numb.


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