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I know its not easy naming favorites - at least not for me. I have so many I love by PF. So if you can't possibly pick just one, which one is your favorite today ??

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It almost doesn't make sense to write this, seems like there should be a different category because it almost seems like a different band I am talking about but I actually like the band with Syd better! But I absolutely love all the things people have already mentioned, particularly all of the meddle album. See Emily Play is my favourite Floyd song.

Although I have listened to all of the Floyd stuff with Syd, and liked it a lot, for me their best music came after Syd left the band. It is well documented that, at first, they didn't have a clue what they were going to do without him, but they worked on the things each of them was good at and what emerged was a truly unique band. It's a difficult one picking a favourite track (I am tempted to say Echoes), but I have to say the one where Dave's guitar and Roger's lyrics truly come together is Comfortably Numb.

I worked on The Wall, I love all the songs.

I doubt if I could pick one, but today I would say Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Oh by the way Amstel I know a lot about Pink Floyd I have every album, I also seen them live on the Liverpool Empire in the early 70s doing the Dark Side of The Moon tour. I think this means that I do know something about them.

Not sure how you make that assumption Amstel.  I have heard them..  Now what?? A pop quiz to see if we know the lyrics :) lmao

Agree, a learning experience for sure. It's all positive. That' s why its a good idea to keep adding music to our collection here on CRN.  

That is hard decision to make as Pink Floyd has so many great songs but I especially like the song Dogs on the album Animals. I love the vocals and of course its David on guitar so its top notch.

I saw Pink Floyd at at Waterbury Ct Palace Theatre circa 1972(Thought I'd add some spice to this poll.) Easily the best song that gig, "Echoes"

Ther was a first generation quad sound system there..All of "Dark Side Of The Moon", .Frankly, the rest I don't quite remember


My favorite Pink Floyd song, overall..That's a tough one.., mabye not so tough, once again ,"Echoes."


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